2020 Strategy – Scott

I thought that perhaps this might be the easiest way to share what I have in mind, what I’ve done, my thoughts, and then turn things over to you . . .

I’ve sold a few hundred thousand dollars over the last few years using webinars but most of that is live. I connect well live.

When I run replays of my live work . . . it usually falls flat.

But I thought a look at what has done best for me, and some thoughts on how I  best help folks, could be useful.

My concept with Anyonecancoach.com is I teach folks to create a group coaching program . .

However, my biggest problem over the last couple of years is that I’ve allowed myself to get to where the bulk of my revenue is coming from 6 week classes, and one time year-long coaching “sales” I run . .

Chasing monthly revenue instead of building for the long term.

A few months ago, I just got fed up . . .

Fed up with reinventing my revenue every 6 weeks

and DETERMINED no matter what to find a way to make an automated webinar campaign work, even if that meant just starting with what I have already (I have thousands of hours of recorded how to training on download pages and membership sites)

and using my existing webinars

So . .

When I reached out to your team, looking for a solution to getting deadline funnel integrated with infusionsoft, my initial plan for this year was to simply automate a webinar I ran late last year, put in a post webinar email sequence, and start running visitors to it – to get some kind of a baseline for what it would do automated.

My thought was that with deadline funnel in place, an emphasis on payments, I could get some level of sales, then begin to split test emails, improve sales letter, test direct to order form, and then once that was in place work on improving the webinar.

However . . . when you responded with availability to help me with copy . . . my mind immediately switched to asking you to help me write a new webinar funnel from scratch (and that’s why I invested in a couple extra hours over what you suggested we might need)

So I’ll share the slide decks for my latest webinar

and share the topics’ relevance to what I’d like to do . . and then ask for your advice.

This is the webinar I ran live, then replayed, in December:

This is the $997 Signature Coaching Business Webinar

That converted at about 1% to $997 and the 3 payment option (half of each)

This is the sales page for this

There were significant real-time issues with getting the right live emails out, plus the offer was similar to an offer I had offered a few months earlier, at $349

so many of the leads had been exposed to that (and many had bought)

so if this had been a really clean campaign, my guess is conversions are a little higher.

Obviously, 1% is very low – I know – but entering 2020 my thought was, I have to start somewhere – and better utilizing a stronger infusionsoft driven focus was my first step

Folks are loving the training so far, it starts with creating a coaching program, which is a topic I teach on very well.


So that’s where I’m at now.

As you can see, my marketing skills are minimal.

Most of my sales are to a very loyal audience.

It takes 6 months many times for a new prospect to buy from me.

But . . once they buy . . they love my training, they join my $97 a month program, etc

So . . . my marketing skills are minimal, but the high trust that happens leads to strong lifetime value.

However . . . my biggest weakness is the other side of that coin:

Because I don’t sell cold prospects well, it’s hard to ramp up traffic because it takes so long to generate revenue.


My plan for this year was automate the $997 Signature Coaching Business system, then split test the funnel and emails and improve it over time.

Enter you.

Now I am thinking . . .

why not revert back to teaching what I teach best:

Creating the coaching program in the first place –



$997 or 3 payments of $389

I backend it with my $97 a month live coaching program

It will be much easier to sell to a more beginner (mass) market

It’s right in my wheelhouse

PLUS – already have dozens if not hundreds of hours of training on the topic, that folks love.

And because you can script an amazing webinar, write amazing sales copy , and write great emails that will convert

With your guidance and advice and expertise

I emerge from this project with a strong webinar campaign and positive ROI early in the prospect cycle.

A little more about how I see the “How to Start a Coaching Program” market:


Coaches, Speakers, Teachers, Authors, Pastors

Premise: Start an Easy to Run Group Coaching program that is low fuss for you and high results for clients

This solves 2 big problems in the marketplace:

  1. Most “coaching business systems:” are too complicated form most Coaches, Speakers, Teachers, Authors, Pastors without specialized help implementing (confused by technology, membership software, etc)
  2. Established 1-1 coaches who are tired of 1-1 coaching, holding strategy sessions, tired of filling higher ticket Masterminds and want an easier $97 – $197 a month easy to run group coaching program


A simple group coaching program based on a weekly or bi weekly live teleseminar or webinar based conference call,

Initial run of clients taught a step by step system, recordings placed in members area

Then weekly or bi weekly q and a

(Yes, the model we see established infomarketers and coaches using . . . but entry level Coaches, Speakers, Teachers, Authors, Pastors have a hard time finding and implementing that model, my training makes it easy)


You know the model, I won’t go on and on.

My thought is that it’s what I’ve successfully taught well, allows me to market to the masses better

My big resistance to this has been writing a high performing webinar and post – webinar email campaign

But with you on this project – resistance smashed.

Obviously, you can see around many corners I can’t.

You know more about what the market needs.

So I’ve laid out my best stab at letting you know what I’ve been doing, my thoughts . . .

So the ball is now in your court 🙂


Scott, I’m excited – very excited – for you to help me with this!