24 Hand Picked Advanced Trainings

Ok, I’ll call it what it is:

You are ready to learn, learn, learn –

at an advanced level . . .

and when you study one of these a day for 24 days

You are going to emerge with new thinking patterns, I promise . . .

These can take you to the next level, listen as you work, one per day:

Success Path for a Signature Coaching Business

Weaving a Storyline Through a Campaign

Components of a High Ticket Coaching Package

Brand New Way to Get the Coaching Traffic You Need

FBC – The Importance of Your Call

Working With Clients Personally

How to Get Influencer Traffic (100x more effective than beginner traffic)

Discussion Afterwards

Demonstration of Components of a Front Page With Persuasion Elements

Get Unlimited Coaching Traffic (brand new approach)


How to Script a Webinar

How to Write a Webinar That Makes Attendees DESPERATE to Learn More From You

FBC – Your Responsibility to Achieve

How to Get Unlimited Traffic From Scratch


5K – 8K Selling System

Comments and discussion 5k-8k selling system

Part 1:

Get Powerful Traffic From Experts – Unique and Powerful Method

Part 2:

Scaling With Partners

Big List Big Business Inspirational Training

FBC – Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Success Path to a $90k 4th Quarter ($90k by Christmas):



How to Write a Webinar Close


How to Create a Psychological Congruent Client-Attraction Front Page, words and basic demo


Personal Breakthroughs

How to Create a Transformational Offer and Price It Right

The Fundamental Coaching Business Blueprint – the 3 Hour Recording Method for a Complete Coaching Business