Congratulations for choosing the 35 Sales Letter Swipe File

This zip file contains a folder for the front end sales letters, and for the upsell sales letters:

35 Sales Letter Swipe File

You can copy, paste, get ideas from, re-write for your topic, and so on . . .

These are personally written, they are persuasive to sell whatever it is I’m writing about at that time . . .

And although they aren’t designed to be “salesletters for specific products”

You will get tons of product ideas as you read them as well!

Anyhow, the bottom line is this:

if you have 20 front end sales letters

and 15 backend sales letters

that you can read,



mine ideas from . . .

would it be easier to write YOUR next sales letter?

I suggest you read them all through once . . . get a feel for my writing style . .

Then challenge yourself to write your own sales letter!