3x Backend Sales Funnel

Congratulations for choosing my 3X Backend Sales Funnel Training and My Tell-All Warrior Plus Training PLUS My $1million pivot training!

Here is the replay of the live training:

Wso Mastery Training PLUS $1 Million Plan

WSO Mastery Part 2

Also, here is a sample of my own 3x backend funnel, when you go through this progress, you will see the pattern 🙂











PLUS – here is the automation training:

Automation Training Video


in the meantime, I want you to have my sales funnel templates (an unadvertised bonus) and some bonus training as well:

Pre-Written Copy and Paste Complete Sales Funnel:

You can download the html files here:

Html files for pre-written sales funnel

You can download the word doc files here:

Word doc files for pre-written sales funnel

You can download the pages (for mac) files here:

Pages (for mac) files for pre-written sales funnel

Also, I’ve recorded a video of me writing a sales letter from the first sales letter (the front end) (once you “get” the front end letter, the upsells are no-brainers!):

Watch the “Explainer Video” here where you SEE me using the “Front End Sales Letter” Template to Write a Sales Letter:

Watch Me Write a Sales Letter in 30 Minutes Using the “Front End Sales Letter”

Also, as a bonus, listen to this training about how I personally create and choose effective upsells to sell in the funnel:

This training will teach you how to create a powerful upsell funnel:

==>Upsell Funnels That Sell Training

And as a second bonus, listen to this training from last week’s live coaching call, where I teach how to write a sales letter from scratch:

How to Write a Compelling Sales Letter From Scratch

Friend, I want to see you succeed, and having a complete and powerful sales funnel is a critical part of making that happen!

I encourage you to take action and just do it – create your sales funnel soon!

Sean Mize