4 Stream Coaching Business Mastermind

Welcome to the 4 Stream Coaching Business Mastermind!

This week’s live Mastermind is Thursday Oct 18th at 11 AM ET, this is the live access line:

Live Mastermind – Oct 18th, 11 AM ET

If you haven’t done the initial homework yet, get started here:


1) A bit of background: Think of a 4 stream business as being ONE business with 4 unique programs – but that all work together synergistically. Each is a deeper level of involvement than the next.


High Ticket Mastermind: Teaches what you teach at the highest, deepest level

Roundtable: Teaches what you teach in a small group format, with accountability

Monthly coaching: Weekly or monthly coaching call with clients (who are learning what you teach)

Membership: a place where members can watch, listen, and study (what you teach) but without much if any coaching


Notice that the TOPIC of each program is the same.

The involvement and access to you is different in each (is less and less depending on the program and price point)

But the topic is the same.

Get this: theoretically, you could have the SAME trainings in each. Of course we humans expect “new” when we pay a higher price . . .but in theory they are the same.

And could be.

For example, ALL your training could be in the membership.

Coaching adds access to talk and q and a.

Roundtable is a smaller group plus accountability.

Mastermind is even smaller, plus accountability, plus more of you

So in the long run, the training may be unique, but I want to “get” that it can be the same.


Now, over the next 10 weeks, you are going to:

1) build 4 programs

2) write 4 sales letters

3) write 4 email campaigns

4) put it all on your site


I’m going to make it easy.

Now, there are 2 ways we could do this:

build the membership first, then add higher and higher levels.

Or we can build the biggest program first, then slice out lower and lower levels.

I’ve chosen to start with the biggest program first, because I find it’s the EASIEST path.

And with the goal of having all this in 10 weeks- we need to make it the EASIEST possible!


I gave you that because I want you to see the big picture fast.

I’ll go into much more depth on our first live call.

But I wanted you to get started on the first component ASAP, and wanted you to UNDERSTAND WHY we are doing this first lesson this way!

And note: watch carefully.

I am literally MODELING a Roundtable or Mastermind in my teaching, delivery, and even in using prior created content for the initial “homework” to get you started!

By the way, would Wed at 12:30 PM ET be best for our live training, or Thursday at 12:30 PM ET?

or would it be better if I rotated times, (maybe having some on Mon, some on Tues etc)?


Ok, let’s get started on the pre-first class homework:

1) Answer these questions:

Initial Questions

send me your answers

2) Listen to this training (from another class) and DO the homework assignment in it (starts at the beginning)

How to Design Your Signature (Highest Level) Coaching Program

Send me the results of that training



Get started!

The pace is going to be fast, but I’m going to make it manageable and you can do it!


If you haven’t listened to the first Mastermind (or were live) please listen before Thursday:

Here is the recording of the first Mastermind:

Introduction to 4 Stream Coaching Business