5 Day Challenge Day 5

Day 5: leveraging your email campaign for long term success




leveraging and creating future emails

Day 1: welcome, introduce yourself, and what’s in it for them

Day 2: what you help with - that helps them

Day 3:why are you struggling to do it
what you’ve tried before that didn’t work

Day 4:what DOES work

Day 5:why does it

Day 6:what happens if you DON’T do it

Day 7: are you ready to move forward?
Day 8. questions and answers about working with
Day 9 here’s what you get in my training program
Day 10 are you procrastinating?
Day 11 more about what happens if you don’t take action
Day 12 ok, this is my last email about this
Day 13 teach something
Day 14 teach something
Day 15 teach something
Day 16 what are you struggling with?
Day 17 how to go forward
Day 18 tomorrow I’l tell you about my new training
Day 19 watch my webinar (2nd webinar)
Day 20 didn’t watch it?
Day 21 more about why you should watch my webinar

Homework: write out the outline of your days 8 - 21 for your email campaign:

Bonus: over the next few days, write emails 8-21

2nd Bonus: In the next few days, I’l invite you to a powerful 45 minute training .. . keep your eyes on your inbox!

Great working with you these 5 days!