6 Week Live Membership Quick Start

Welcome to Getting your membership up and running in 6 weeks!

You are here because: of course . . you want to get your membership up and running fast.

Likely, you’ve tried in the past, but for some reason it didn’t work . . . you got stuck on something.

And sometimes that happens because you perhaps think – because you’ve been told something – that things have to be a done a CERTAIN way and then when that way doesn’t quite work – well, naturally, you stop, give up, etc.

So I am going to ask you one thing:

please suspend your beliefs about what “has” to happen to launch your membership.

Do each step that I give you, second guessing nothing.

And I promise to make this so, so very easy, so that you CAN have your own membership!

The thing is, once you have your membership set up, it’s just so much easier to do EVERYTHING – get leads, write blog posts, everything – because you have an end in mind: to get folks from where they are to enrolling in your membership so that it changes their lives!

Ok, let’s get started:

Step 1:

ASAP, please listen to this quick training:

Quick membership

It is NOT the exact steps I am going to give you . . .I ONLY give this to you so that you can get an intuitive FEEL for how EASY this is going to be!

Once you’ve listened to that training, do this exercise:

  1. Write down the RESULTS someone will want through studying what is in YOUR membership.
  2. Write down a list of the exact STEPS someone should take to get those results.

Send it to me.

Let’s get this rolling!

Week 1:

1st Class in 6 Week Membership Class

Q and A: Q and A, 1st Class

Week 2:

2nd Class in 6 Week Membership Class

Q and A: Q and A, 2nd Class


These are the slides from the first 2 weeks

Week 3:


In this training, I’ll show you how to design your membership structure for your coaching membership, and we’ll dig into some practical issues surrounding building your coaching business:

Core Discussion

Video Showing Me Creating a Basic Website Structure Using Just WordPress

Additional Discussion

Note: the purpose here is to show you that the membership structure itself happens on your website, NOT in your membership software.

Membership software is layered on LATER with it’s primary function being that of keep non-members out . . . and then of course advanced software can allow you to do things like drip content, show certain content after prior content has been viewed etc . . but is NOT core functionality.

This is a link to the sample membership structure described in the above video

Your homework for this lesson:

If you haven’t completed the first 6 lessons in your coaching program . . .finish those lessons!

Your coaching program is non-existent without lessons!

And step 2: Create placeholder lessons, if you haven’t already done so, for each of your lessons, just like in the video above.

Create an “access page” or “download page” or “coaching page” with links to each of the initial 10 or so lessons.


Yes, this lesson has been more “information” but once you get into the work, if you were current before starting this lesson, it won’t actually take much time!


Week 4:

4th Class in 6 Week Membership Class (Choose Membership Software)

Video: Choose Membership Software (Add Member Protection)

Week 5:

5th Class in 6 Week Membership Class (Immersive Selling)

Immersive Website Examples

Demonstrate Creating Membership Area with LMS (Learndash)

Week 6:

6th Class: Hero’s Journey Sales Letter and Story Telling Business Framework

Here is a condensed, editted version of the slide deck with the Hero’s Journey Outline and the Sample Sales Letter Based on the Hero’s Journey Framework

Sean Mize