6 Week Total Business Week 5

Here is the Recording of Week 5’s Live Training:

6 Week Total Business Week 5


1) Finish anything unfinished from last week.

2) Finish the Final Draft of the Sales Letter for Your Product Using the Instructions in last week’s training: Sales Letter Training Lesson

3) Identify any weak links in what you’ve created, and quickly firm up those weak links.

4) Continue the habit of writing a daily email, each and every day. Like brushing your teeth, it’s a daily 5 minute habit. Use this training to give you more detail than in the above training link: How to Write a Daily Email Campaign From Scratch

I’d like to re-iterate the importance of using Rescuetime and your 15 minute diary to determine leaks and gaps: Rescue Time

Continue keeping a 15 minute diary (every 15 minutes for all week, write down what you are doing during that 15 minutes. Add up all the time for each thing you do at the end of the week, to see how you actually use your time.

Review from prior lessons:

By the way, I’m continuing to see folks who slow hosting or are struggling with themes or page builders . . . I struggled with both issues for a long time, until I finally went with the following 2 services:

Web hosting I personally use:

Web Hosting I Personally Use for Fast Pages and Security

Web page builder I personally use: Web page builder I personally use

This is why I like Beaver Builder: because it’s really, really easy to create any page you want in minutes, on the fly. You don’t have to hunt for a theme that does exactly what you have in mind . . . you can do it yourself in minutes.

Here’s a video showing you how easy it is: How to Use Beaver Builder to Create a Web Page Fast (Example of me creating a squeeze page in 10 minutes)

I’ve repeated last week’s training about outlining your product, as review to enhance homework point 3 above:

How to Outline Your Product:

Step 1: What are the 5-7 primary steps to doing what you teach? Write these out in outline form, just like I am doing in this lesson.

Step 2: Make a new lesson page for each of the 5-7 steps, just like THIS is lesson 1 of 6 (note these are placeholder lessons, they will contain nothing at first. You will add to them one lesson at a time, just like this lesson) You can watch this video to see how I created THIS lesson outline: Video of me creating THIS lesson outline

Step 3: Determine how you are going to teach the material. This lesson has a recorded component.  You can record your lessons, or you can write them. This is an example of a written lesson: written lesson sample

Step 3: Add supporting documents and links. Just like you’ve seen me do here. So for example, if you teach karate, you might go to youtube and find a video of someone doing 100 pushups instead of recording your own. You might write a 5 page guide to something you are teaching, and convert it to a pdf. So: add in all supporting documents. Notice I am doing this by creating placeholders, THEN add the links (here is a video of me doing that: (this video I am currently recording)

Step 4: Do this for all 5-7 lessons. Your product is now complete. Yes, it IS this easy.

Autoresponder suggestions (you should have this already but if not . . today’s the day!)

I personally use infusionsoft but it’s an advanced program, for what we are doing here I recommend Aweber or MailChimp