60 Day Relationship Conversion Funnel

Update on the 60 Day Relationship Conversion Funnel

The premise with this was that, about 60 days ago, I was going to start writing emails for my OWN evergreen conversion funnel . . and indeed I have, live and sent as broadcasts.

If you’ve been reading my content emails the last 60 days or so, you’ve seen most or all of them.

But . . . I haven’t forced myself to sit down, and copy and paste all of those broadcasts into the evergreen campaign . . . and because I haven’t done that . . . I can’t show you a video yet that says, ok, here are the emails!

I’ve pulled many of them onto a doc . . . but need to go in and pull the rest . .

Candid admission:

I write almost ALL of my relationship building emails LIVE in real -time FIRST before I put them into a long-term funnel.

You see, when I do something LIVE it has more energy.

It’s like my writing is just . . . better.

I connect with prospects better . . .

The gap for me sometimes is that I write great emails . . then don’t move them to the long term funnel!

So I wanted you to know very specifically where the project is.

As soon as I have those emails into one place where I can share them, I will . . .

(real time note: I just went in and grabbed the jot-pad doc I use to put some of these in as I’m working on them . . .and I realized it’s good material – so I’ve put it into a pdf so you can read and study):

First Emails for Evergreen Campaign

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Thanks for your patience, and I do hope you HAVE been learning from reading the emails I send out . . .

P.S. If after everything in this letter, you feel like I’ve let you down .. shoot me an email, I’ll send you a refund.

But if you stick around – I promise it’s worth it!

Your choice!