7 Easy Steps to Starting Your First Coaching Program

First off, a coaching program doesn’t have to be time-intensive, nor be a bear to get started or to deliver!

Also, it can start with no or little content – so you don’t have to spend hours and hours creating content before launching it (as opposed to a no-coaching membership where you really are expected to have a lot of content!)

You simply schedule a weekly time to hold a weekly coaching conference call . . and anyone who is a group client comes to the call, you teach, answer questions, help folks personally in the group format.

Here’s how to get started:

1) Choose your topic. It should be something you know well, and preferably something that you want to teach!

2) Make a list of the 7-12 steps you would teach someone if you worked with them personally, and they had a typical challenge you normally help folks with (perhaps in your 1-1 coaching)

3) Choose the day and time of the week you will hold your weekly conference call.

4) Write a short sales letter indicating why someone should work with you, what you will help them (and others in the group) with (you can use the list of 7-12 steps you wrote in step 1 here, as your “bullet points”)

5) Just start! Seriously, shout it out to your social media contacts, your email subscribers, your blog subscribers . . . and you might be surprised what happens! You see, when you are coaching 1-1, the higher price (and sometimes the 1-1 accountability) scares folks away. With a lower price and a little wiggle room because it’s a group, you might be surprised who enrolls.

6) Each time someone enrolls, send them a personal email and find out what they need help with. Work that topic into your next few weekly coaching calls.

7) Hold your first weekly coaching conference call.

Folks, it really IS this easy . . and you can do it!