a peak into my own struggles

This is touchy . .

do you ever wiffle-waffle before you write or say something

that you just know needs to be said – but you don’t know the words,
and worse yet, you aren’t even sure you should say anything?

if so, you know a bit how I feel right now.

You see, there’s an elephant in the room when it comes to internet success . .

many of the folks you see who are successful have GREAT months and they have
really really rough months.

Months where they aren’t motivated and they waste lots of time on distraction.

Usually they don’t tell you.

And often when they DO talk about it, their sales go down because people think
their “hero” no longer has the “mojo”

So once they do it once, lose sales, they say, forget it, I won’t tell anyone anymore.

But something inside me thinks that YOU would WANT to know that YOU struggle with,

we do too, right?

So . . . . here’s the thing – and I’m stuttering as I think about this – words not coming out right –

But . . .

it’s some weird combo of motivation issues, avoiding distractions, and getting the work done
instead of being driven by some addictive desire to “check” on things.

You see, I usually don’t struggle with this.

I don’t do facebook.

I don’t do much texting (pretty much, my wife and very close family, and very sparingly)

I don’t get lost surfing or watching videos or any of the usual traps.

I rarely struggle with email.

My customer service email – I don’t touch it.

My assistant gets to read all the hate mail.

(I don’t know how you do it, Lisa! You are the sanity in my workday – times 2!

Thanks, Lisa!)

My personal email is easy.

But can I be totally honest with you . . .

Something I’ve struggled with lately is this idea that I have to check my client email incessantly.

I’m afraid a client needs help and I can’t help them fast enough.

yeah, yeah, I know.

I’ve lectured against this repeatedly.

But man, the last few weeks, I’ve really fallen victim to it.

Not victim.

I hate that word.

No one is doing it to me.

So I can’t point fingers, it’s not a victim issue.


It’s me not having self control, discipline.

Not having enough motivation.

Or is it?

Is it not having motivation?

Or is really about exactly what is manifesting . . . some strange belief that I just have
to be there 24-7, even though I never have really dealt with this.

Clients have dealt with it, and I give them my usual, stay focused, stay motivated, use self-discipline.

But now that I’m going through it, I see it’s harder than self-discipline.

Deep inside, I think it’s motivation.

But man, do I think I’m motivated.

I’m working on perhaps the biggest project of my life right now.

I’ve nearly completely rebuilt my own coaching program and membership.

I’m redoing almost all of the marketing for it.

Designing a new framework for teaching others how to EASILY
craft a VERY compelling persuasive call to action to join your coaching.

Something that’s never been done before.

But because it’s big . . because it’s more moving parts than nearly anything
I’ve ever done before . . .

I am

gasp . . .

for the first time . . .

feeling just a bit of the overwhelm

I talk about with clients

but I usually don’t experience

And somehow, someway, my default is to “go check and see if a client needs
my immediate help.”

Go figure.

ok, I’ve shared.

I feel like I just went to a support group or something and shared and cried and . . . .

It’s like I feel spent, deflated, like I’m a snowflake that just melted.

I’m not sure if this feels good or . . .

Well, as I reflect, it’s almost relaxing . . freeing

Now I can go produce with no guilt


Why did I share this?

Because I want YOU to see that it’s not just YOU.

The successful struggle with these things as well.

Next in my day: the next step in my project.

I’m closing down my inbox for 2 hours.


It’s a commitment.

I feel better already.

Can you imagine the productivity that’s going to happen in the next 2 hours?


P.S. Was this helpful to you?

What was the #1 thing that jumped out at you in this letter?