Anyone Can Coach: We help ordinary people start an easy coaching membership so that they can share their life legacy, valuable experience, and favorite skills and get paid for it.


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:

If you’ve ever thought, I wonder how I can teach others or share my life experience, and get paid for it online, this might change things for you.

Or maybe you’ve already started online, and you’ve written a book or recorded a product, but you are spinning your wheels because people aren’t buying, you can’t get traffic, you are overwhelmed with too much information, and frankly speaking, there’s tons of conflicting information out there that just isn’t working for you.

Here’s the real-world problem:

Books and products don’t change lives BUT:

Personally guiding your students and clients step by step through their life change DOES change lives.

When writing or teaching and selling books or products, those products don’t change lives.

Even though your training is great, your students and clients don’t implement so they don’t get results.

It’s like losing weight - there are a zillion books out there, but how many people really have lost weight from a book?

People lose weight when they have a reason (doc tells them they might die if they don't lose the weight) and they have a guide to help them (a friend or an accountability program or a coach).

You see, in order to truly change lives and share your legacy, your life experience, and your highest skill with the world and get paid for it, you must transcend products and books, and do this:

Take your knowledge and break it down into easy, bite-sized chunks people can easily learn from, one step at a time, and have a systemized way of helping folks personally, by guiding them through those bite-sized lessons SO THAT THEY GET RESULTS

Here at Anyone Can Coach, we’ve developed a unique method that does just that:

When you enroll in Anyone Can Coach, we'll guide you step by step, every step of the waty:

You’ll create a simple membership area that takes your ideas, lessons, and experience and breaks it all down into small bite-sized chunks that clients can progressively implement, one at a time, and combines it with a simple coaching call or coaching discussion forum where you (or your team members) can work with clients personally, combining the best of automation (the membership) with the best of personal interaction (without expensive and time-consuming 1-1)

We’ve done it ourselves - in fact, here at Anyone Can Coach, we model EXACTLY what we teach you . . . . every step that we teach you, we use right here at Anyone Can Coach . . . from copy just like this, to sign up pages, to the lesson material, to the client involvement - so you can easily SEE how it’s done as you implement in your own life and business. We’ll show you step by step not only WHAT to do - but I’ll also show you WHAT I PERSONALLY DO

Now’s there one important thing:

You must agree to follow along, do what I ask, and my promise to you is two-fold:

1) I’ll make it easy for you and

2) If you’ll do what I show you, you’ll have a coaching membership where you can change lives and you can do it fast

When you join me and let me guide you step by step, your business will transform because you’ll have a real program with real paying members getting real results working with you

The thing is, if you don’t implement a coaching membership like I share with you at Anyone Can Coach, you’ll keep trying to do what you’ve been doing, trying new things, adding this, adding that - but the truth is this: no matter how many things you “try,” until you put a coaching membership into place that allows you to help multiple people in one easy interface, and take personal questions in a controlled environment (so you don’t burn out), your clients won’t get better results, and you’ll continue trying to do something that isn’t working.

When you choose to follow me as I give you easy bite-sized directions to implement YOUR OWN coaching membership, you’ll go:

From banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how it “works” and everything is failing, with bursts of false hope

To finally having a real live coaching membership where you can transform lives by sharing your legacy, your life’s work, or your highest skills with others who desperately want your help

So here at Anyone Can Coach, not only will I model exactly what to do and how to do it, but I’ll also teach you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it.

Now, the way it works is that, unlike many other “systems” out there that sell you a $2000 (or more) “training program” on a glitzy “webinar” - I’ll teach you step by step in an easy coaching membership where you get unlimited access for just $39 a month, and you can cancel anytime.

Each day, you login, do one lesson, and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can get your own coaching membership up and running PLUS I hold a live weekly coaching call where I talk with clients personally and give you personalized instruction to make your journey happen EVEN FASTER and with less struggle . . .

So if you are ready to get started:

Start today, get full access, $39 a month, cancel anytime:

Coaching Business Mentoring Program