Partner With Sean Mize to Release Workshop(s)

Thursday July 16th:

Discussion About Workshops and Collaboration

Workshop Meeting

Last week's meeting:

Workshop Meeting 7-08

Here are the tracks from our first meeting:


How to Start a Workshop Business From Dead Scratch

How to Start a Workshop Business From Dead Scratch Discussion

Workshop Business Full Model - Golden

Workshop Business Full Model Discussion

Workshop Business - How to Get Traffic

Workshop Business - Steps, Quick Summary

Workshop Partnership Next Steps To Get Started

We agreed on the call that we'd meet next week, same time same place.

Wednesday 2 PM ET if you weren't there and that won't work, please let me know 🙂

We'll finalize direction for your workshops.

Then I'll direct you on the steps to releasing your first Workshop.

If you haven't yet, I'd love for you to study what's to the right.

You see, sometimes if you can SEE it done . . it's easier to do it yourself.

So I've selected one of the Workshop sales pages of mine so you can

see how plain and simple it really is - nothing fancy, just very direct about

what you will be teaching on the Workshop.

Then to the right of the sales page, there are links to the replays from 2 of the Workshops I've done.

Again, I'd like you to watch the Workshops to get a real feel for what I do -

It should be like an immersive experience, and empower YOU to feel strong about doing the same!



This is one of the sales letters (it was originally minus the first few lines, once the

workshop was held live, I converted the sales page into an upsell for a different offer)

Sales Letter: Watch Me Build a Membership Area


Please send me an email and let me know:

1) the top 3 reasons you decided to do this

2) your big goal for 2020



Here are 2 example trainings, I'd love for you to watch both all the way through to really get a feel for how comfortable and natural the Workshop teaching is, it's not stuffy or contrived . . just natural and normal - and YOU can do it too!

Membership in a Day Workshop

Watch Me Build a 5 Day Challenge Workshop

Sample Sales Page:

Sample Sales Page

Sample Workshop Download Page

Sample Workshop Download Page