The key concept you've picked up on if you've watched the initial training webinar, and you've been reading some of the content here, is that there's a success path that will lead you from cold traffic to high ticket buyers:

Success Path:

Optin/Registration Page (Email Marketing/Traffic Gen)

Product and / or Coaching

Sales Method: Sales Page


Email Campaign

Backend Coaching

The success path to building your High Ticket Evergreen Business is a thread that runs through those concepts.

When they are all built out, it's likely you have a profitable Evergreen Business.

If they are NOT built out . . then you don't one.

Now, there are 2 ways to learn these components of the success path with me:

1) I have an individual training program for each of these concepts:

Optin/Registration Page (Email Marketing/Traffic Gen) $300

Sales Method: Sales Page $300


Webinar Campaign Mastery Training Program ($500)

Backend Coaching $500

Special Package of the above trainings for $1000

Or you can join my Evergreen Coaching Business System and you'll learn all the components:


Evergreen Coaching Business System $1000