Total Access and Mastermind 2021

5 Workshops With Sales Letters:

5 Workshops

Welcome to Total Access 2021 and Mastermind!

This is going to be amazing for you and early next week I am going to prepare a very special success path for you to study and use as your guide to assembling your $100k business. I believe there's a predictable path, and I plan to show it to you!

This will work "forward" meaning that I'll specifically give you the right training at the right time, and I'll actually be planning much of the training that I do, such that it supports your journey (as long as you are committed to the success path that leads to $100k)

I've included some training to the right to get started with before we officially get started here.

The time line is that I want to close this out in the next couple of days, so that everyone who is going to do this, is going to start "day 1" together.

Then, to be totally transparent, I want to take the long weekend off.

Then right after the long weekend, we'll hold a very special live "induction"meeting for everyone who joins.

I'll also be sending you a deep questionnaire that as you answer the questions, you will gain incredible insight into your business.

Once that's completed, I'll give you my schedule so you can schedule your first 1-1 with me, and we can dig deep on YOUR success path!

And finally, let me say this: thank YOU for trusting me to guide you.

This isn't an easy journey, I've been through it, I've made some mistakes, and I am honored to be able to guide you down that path during these, frankly speaking, tumultuous times.

I want to see you come out the other side in strength!

Stay grounded in Christ!

Watch these trainings before we get started, not for step by step, but to give you concepts and light up your mind:



Hot off the Press!

As you know, in Total Access 2021, you get access to all the new products and trainings I produce through 2021 . . .excluding of course mentoring programs where I am working personally with clients.

My newest program, which is the Workshop Coaching Business Model, is now available:

here is the sales letter, it's only open for a few days, but you can see what the buyers are seeing:

Sales Letter (timer on it, so read when you open it, timer clicks down once you click it)

And here is the training itself, you get access as a Total Access Client:

Workshop Coaching Business Model

Live Mastermind Access (Generally Thursdays at 1 PM ET)

Live Mastermind Access

Selected 2020 Mastermind Trainings:


July 16th:

Mastermind Prepare for the Future

July 9th:

How to Use Workshops to Jumpstart Your Coaching Or Consulting Business - Real World Plan

June 25th:

Create Webinar Signup and Connect With Zoom

June 18th:

This was mostly discussion with clients . . .not a ton of training (not recording friendly!!)


June 11th:

Powerpoint Demonstration Part 1

Powerpoint Demonstration Part 2

May 28th

Illustration of My Own Core Funnel

Illustration Discussion

Link to enroll in Consultant Scale Mentoring and get 3 hours 1-1

May 14th

2 Step High Ticket Consulting Webinar Campaign

2 Step High Ticket Consulting Webinar Campaign Q and A

May 7th

Discussion of Impact of Quarantine on Life and Business

April 30th:

How to Hold a Live Event and Turn it into an Evergreen Product

Live Q and A

April 23rd:

High Level Funnel Overview High Ticket Funnel

April 16th:

How to Grow Your Business During a Crisis

Client Discussion/Coaching

April 9:

21 Day Conversion Campaign Deep Explanation

21 Day Conversion Campaign Companion Doc

April 2:

How to Identify Needs in Your Market and Meet Them Quickly

Sales Funnel for a Coaching Membership

Overview of Process of Inviting Prospects Into the Funnel

Demonstration of using linkedin to find targeted prospects

Today's Client Work

Mar 26:

How to Get Clients From Scratch on Linkedin

Discussion Afterwards

Mar 19:

Big Economic Shift From CoronaVirus Impact - 1st Discussion, Groundwork

Mar 12:

High Ticket Pricing Based on Results

Short Discussion About High Ticket Pricing

Mastermind Q and A

Mar 5:

Discussion About Adding Lessons to a Coaching Membership Area

How to Create and Run a Laser Coaching Business

Demonstration of How I Configure My Calendar

Feb 27:

4 Layer High Ticket Coaching Business Overview

Q and A Mastermind Call

Feb 20:

How to Create the Content for Your Coaching Membership

How to Create the Content for Your Coaching Membership - Discussion

Sample Coaching Membership Download Page

Feb 13:

Core Training: Coaching Membership Model

Coaching Q and A - Questions about Coaching Membership Model PLUS Coaching Cynthia

Demonstration of Delegating a Webinar Script to Make Into a Powerpoint

Feb 6 Mastermind: Audience Building and Focus

Audience Building and Focus


Recording Access, Thursday Jan 16th - why I contemplated quitting and my new model for 2020

above-referenced training:

Watch Me Work With a Client and Determine Clients Needs for Success Coaching Program Launch

2020 Mastermind Kickoff Jan 09,2020


(normally 1st and 3rd Thursdays



To join me live today and learn and ask questions:

thursdays Mastermind Access - 1 PM ET

Friend, I want to suggest to you that if you will follow this model, and let me guide you, and develop laser focus on one thing, one path, one thing you are going to teach, one key teaching method, and not bounce from idea to idea, fad to fad, bright shiny object to bright shiny object, you can make it through this next season and make it big.
You may have to let go of some things, some training, some ideas, some software, some people you are following.
When we meet next week, I'll give you deep clarity on this concept.
Over the weekend, take a little time to study what's above, watch all the videos, really immerse yourself in this concept.
And then we'll get started next week!
1) I know that if you'll follow this model with blinders on . . . you can turn things around
2) If you will go all-in with the model . . . the next 3 months can set up your future big time
Let's go big the rest of this year!

I may add a few more by the time we meet again: