Advanced Coaching Program Mastermind

This Mastermind and the Training Within Will teach you step by step how to build your entire coaching funnel and automate the sales of all your products, trainings, packages, and your coaching program!

Follow the sequential directions on the left for step by step instructions to building your coaching business and additional product you can sell, and how to automate the selling of everything!

This will deepen over time, but this will serve as a great start to "get you going"


In addition to the training included, you'll get access, 2x a month, to a live video Hot Seat Mastermind Session where I can look at your copy, programs, emails, campaigns, and funnels and make suggestions for improvement.

You can also ask anything during this time, and I can help you blueprint your coaching business as well.

Sequential Masterminds:

Welcome Mastermind With Intro Instructions 

Watch Me Script a Webinar From Scratch

Listen as I Write a Sales Letter From Scratch (Part 1)

Watch Me Write The Close to the Sales Letter (and Deep Sales Letter Psychology)

Watch Me Write a New Webinar - Innovative Approach - Introduction

Watch Me Write a New Webinar - Innovative Approach - Beginning

Audio of Watch Me Write A New Webinar - Innovation Approach

Watch Me Write a New Webinar - Part 2

Watch Me Write a New Webinar - Part 3 (Stack)

Start Here:

Initial Training (This is designed to correspond to the checklist on the left, but doesn't yet. I was tempted to wait until this was "complete" to send it out . . . but you know I wouldn't accept that from a client!!)

Fast Start Coaching Program (How to Start A Coaching Program in a Week)

Teleseminar and Webinar Selling System (How to Write the Story and Backstory to Make Your Teleseminar or Webinar Believable and Thus Sellable

Coaching Sales Letter Sample

Coaching Program Sales Letter Template Plus Advanced Copywriting Training

Fill In The Blanks Copy for VSLS and Webinars

Coaching and Email Templates

There's MUCH more to be added . . but want you to be able to get started fast anyhow!

Checklist for Success:

Outline of Steps Necessary to Build Your Coaching Business Funnel:

Use this like a checklist to sequentially implement each component:

Determine sequential steps your client must do to get RESULTS.

Decide the exact trainings, teachings, videos, homework assignments, etc. necessary for your client to do the sequential steps to get RESULTS

Create Training and Docs for your Coaching Delivery

Put the Training, Docs, and Homework assignments in a "Members Area"

Determine the "story" that illuminates the reason why someone needs your coaching.

Build a webinar to sell access to a standalone training program.

Build coaching program structure

Write coaching program sales letter

(Sample Coaching Program Sales Letter Part 1)

Coaching Program Sales Letter Template Plus Advanced Copywriting Training

Write email campaign to build trust and credibility so prospects WANT to be coached by you.

Write coaching program launch sequence

Write webinar launch sequence

Generate Front-End Leads

Watch leads progress through funnel steps (tracking and conversion)

Add 1-2 units of training to your coaching program each month