Anyone Can Coach Trial Access

Welcome! I've designed this mentoring program to be super easy, and to be geared to helping you get your coaching program LIVE as fast as humanly possible!
In addition to the step by step training on this page, there will be weekly coaching calls on Tuesdays at 11 AM ET where I teach additional material, answer your questions, and can help you with just about anything in your coaching business! -- Sean Mize, Chief Strategist

Watch this video to show you how to get started:

Watch this video

Get Started Modules: Introduction


Module 1: Introduction to Anyone Can Coach and Your Own Coaching Business

Advanced Topic Specific Courses: Use these in the order you need them . . .


Advanced Module: Design a Million Person Business

Step by Step Implementation to Create Your Coaching Program

Listen to this first:

Total Coaching Program Overview and Fast Implementation Plan

Then follow these steps sequentially to get your coaching program started fast:

Step 1: Determine the sequential implementation to teach in your coaching program

Step 2: Add training and deliverables to each step

Step 3: Determine delivery method

Step 4: Write Sales Letter:

How to Write a Coaching Program Sales Letter Part 1

Part 2: Add the Emotional Component to Your Sales Letter

Step 5: Schedule Coaching Call

Step 6: Deliver Coaching Call

Steps 7 and beyond:

Deliver a new coaching call each week or 2x a month.

Rinse and repeat.

After the initial 10-12 weeks, ask your clients what they want to learn. Make a new set of topics for the next set of weeks.

You will get to the point you can iterate and simply choose a new topic each week without long term planning.

The hardest week is week 1.

They get easier and easier.

Just do it! Get started!



Various Coaching Program Models:

Keep in mind, the primary model I have taught prior to these, is the primary model. I highly recommend starting with that model and building from there.

I include these only as advanced training, to give you ideas for improving or customizing your own coaching program.

But . . . I have seen clients in the past ignore the main model, then spend months or years trying to figure out which of the following models is "right" for them . . .

Please don't do that!

Instead, start with the primary model, use these trainings ONLY for enhanced understanding and ideas!

One Year Coaching Model

10 Day Coaching Program

$100k Membership Model