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[FBC] – Deep Success in 2020 Coaching Call

This was live, I taught on a new approach to success in 2020, this may be the single breakthrough you need to 2x or even 4x your revenue . . . Seriously, a completely different approach to success, time management, business model: Here is the recording: Breakthrough Success 2020 See you there, bring a notebook…

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Help Lester Get His Much-Needed Stomach Surgery

  You may have heard me tell you about Lester and the school he has created in Liberia, Africa, where he teaches local children, and also has a feeding program both for the students and for orphans in the area . . .      There are 357 children who go to the school, and 157…

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sample phrasing for a webinar

Webinar Scripting – Induction Video intro Discover the Secret to Increasing Communication 10x and Getting a Green Light on Your Marriage Hi, I’m Sean Mize In today’s training, I am going to show a way that you can de-escalate EVERY argument with your husband and wife in 30 seconds or less and I’m going to…

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