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sample phrasing for a webinar

Webinar Scripting – Induction Video intro Discover the Secret to Increasing Communication 10x and Getting a Green Light on Your Marriage Hi, I’m Sean Mize In today’s training, I am going to show a way that you can de-escalate EVERY argument with your husband and wife in 30 seconds or less and I’m going to…

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The Coach Business Model Simplified

I considered naming this article something like “It’s not Rocket Science- Here’s the Simplified Coaching Model” But I wanted it to be more concise than that . . But seriously, the reason I’m writing this is that I see clients consistently really want to have a coaching/training business – but they get so confused because…

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Help me finish building this school in Africa

(the needs aren’t updated, the walls are finished, I think most if not all of the roof is finished, I’ll try to add some more pictures of the roof soon) You may have heard me tell you about Lester and the school he has created in Liberia, Africa, where he teaches local children, and also…

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