100k Blueprint and Bonus 1-1


I'm quite excited about this project, as it's something I've never done, and it's a small group of folks!

So this should be fun!

Now, as you can imagine, no matter how good the concept of my own blueprint is . . my ability to translate that into a USABLE blueprint for you will be dependent on deeply you can share with me what you know in your niche area, how deeply you can teach, and how much coaching/consulting you are willing to do.

SO . . . I have prepared 2 sets of questions, both of which I will need to do an effective job.

The one thing I ask is that you don't send me the answers until they are complete . . . at this price, I can't do your blueprint twice because you forgot something and it changes the blueprint!

The way I'd like the answers is all on one doc from you . . . either all on a single page on your website (like a page or post) OR as a word doc converted to a pdf.

Questions, part 1 are on this link


Questions, part 2:

1) Please write me a detailed outline of what you will be teaching in total

2) I assume you are willing to coach/consult with a group program, like I do. Please tell me what that looks/feels like to you.

Once you are finished with these, wrap them up on a single page on your site OR on a pdf and send it to me.

Once I have it, I'll create your blueprint and send you a link to schedule your 1-1 with me.

Have a great weekend!




Additional Training if you need help:

If you need help with your tagline or outline:

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