Here is your access to the brand new IM Templates:

Part 1:

Email Templates:

30 Day Rapport Building Email Campaign Topics

How to Build Trust at a Deep Level the First 5 Days Someone is On Your List

My Personal Product Launch Email Campaign

12 Week Sample Email Campaign

Mega Email Campaign - Sell With No Sales Letter

Assorted Templates and Concepts:

Coaching Program Structure (this deviates from copy and paste just a little, but I wanted you to have this)

Content Video Outline

Sales Letter Swipe File:

Sales Letter Swipe File

Webinar Scripts:

5 Webinar Scripts You Can Copy and Paste


Part 2 (there may be significant duplication from above templates, but I wanted you to have as many as possible!)

For each of these, you can copy then make any changes to make it totally customized for YOUR business:

1) Coaching Sales Letter Template:

Coaching Sales Letter Template

2) Sales Letter Template (1st sales letter in this package, includes the upsell pages):

Html files for pre-written sales funnel

3) Membership Sales Letter:

Membership Sales Letter

4) Sample Download Page:

Sample Download Page


5) 25 Sample Coaching Lessons

25 Sample Coaching Lessons


6) 30 day Email Campaign Rapport-Building Sequence:

30 Day Email Campaign Rapport-Building Sequence

7) Youtube Content Video Outline:

Youtube Content Video Outline


Product Launch Email Campaign Template:

Product Launch Email Campaign Template


Pre-Written Copy and Paste Complete Sales Funnel:

You can download the html files here:

Html files for pre-written sales funnel

You can download the word doc files here:

Word doc files for pre-written sales funnel

You can download the pages (for mac) files here:

Pages (for mac) files for pre-written sales funnel

Also, I’ve recorded a video of me writing a sales letter from the first sales letter (the front end) (once you “get” the front end letter, the upsells are no-brainers!):

Watch the “Explainer Video” here where you SEE me using the “Front End Sales Letter” Template to Write a Sales Letter:

Watch Me Write a Sales Letter in 30 Minutes Using the “Front End Sales Letter”

Also, as a bonus, listen to this training about how I personally create and choose effective upsells to sell in the funnel:

This training will teach you how to create a powerful upsell funnel:

==>Upsell Funnels That Sell Training

And as a second bonus, listen to this training from last week’s live coaching call, where I teach how to write a sales letter from scratch:

How to Write a Compelling Sales Letter From Scratch


Friend, I want to see you succeed, and having a complete and powerful sales funnel is a critical part of making that happen!

I encourage you to take action and just do it – create your sales funnel soon!

Sean Mize

Disclaimer: these are templates only, these letters, emails, webinars, vsls, sales pages or any other template, are for sample purposes only, may make promises that are no longer valid, and are ONLY for example and educational purpose only.