Brutally Honest Dissertation and Rant About Why Some Folks Never Achieve Their Dream

A brutally honest dissertation about why some folks never achieve their dream


Please read this letter word for word.

It might scare you.

It might change your trajectory for 2019.

Or not.

No pressure.

I personally promise that if you read this letter word for word.

It will change your mind.

Changing your mind will lead to changing your life.

Your BIG DREAM may be a few steps away.

Dear Big Dreamer:

You have a big dream.

For the last 3-5 years, you’ve been trying to start something, build something, take the world to a new level.

Your dream is big, you want to see lives changed.

You want to change things in your world, you want to change things in a particular niche area.

Perhaps you want to create a "Netflix" in your niche.

You’ve come to training, you’ve invested in training, you are learning everyday.

You are trying new things, you have the squeeze page, you are driving traffic, you are making some sales.

But your Big Dream isn’t happening.

Something’s holding you back.

Something’s gotcha trapped.

You are stuck.

What’s missing?

What do you need?


Take a look at this list: what’s missing in your life? is it on this list?

–> You know what you want to do, but each day you get distracted by something urgent or temporary that just has to be done today, but it holds you back from your Big Dream

–> You know what the big dream looks like, but get totally stuck when thinking of the steps to take you from where you are to the Big Dream

–> You struggle with time management

–> You mean to keep a straight path, but you get emails and facebook posts that lead you to desire to buy a new training, which although it has good information, at the end of the month, you aren’t any closer to your dream.

–> You get stuck on something and think, I wish I had someone who KNOWS the answer with whom I could talk.

Really talk, not just a quickie email.

–> Bottom line, you know where you want to go – but thing after thing after thing keeps catching you like a mouse gets stuck in a trap.


If that’s you, if you know deep inside that you have it in you to do the Big Dream

But it’s just not happening

Can I level with you?

Really be straight with you?

What you’ve been doing hasn’t been working.


There, I said it.

It’s not easy to say that.

It’s even harder to hear it.

Some people may have just closed this page right now, feeling like I don’t have empathy, I don’t understand them, whatever.

The truth of the matter is this:


I care deeply.

My greatest desire is for every client to build a $100k – $250k or bigger business.

But with most folks, something is missing.


They don’t understand that they have to teach something of value.

Some folks have spent the last 3 years wondering why they can’t make money, but when I ask them what they want to teach, they give me a list of 20 things they can do and say, I don’t know which of these I should teach.


After 3 years?

What have you been doing for 3 years?

You’ve been reading my emails and probably 4 other people’s emails for the last 3 YEARS and you don’t know what you are going to teach???


Like I want to grab them by the ears and shake them.

Cause to me, it’s common sense – the ONLY way to make money coaching online is to teach something.

If you don’t teach anything, you don’t get paid.


Like, you are totally wasting your time to spend ANY time learning ANYTHING else until you know what to teach.

Traffic – useless if you don’t have something to teach

List building – useless if you don’t have something to teach

Learning how to create a product – useless if you don’t have something to teach

Spending 3 hours a day studying online – useless if you don’t have something to teach


Okay, okay, my soapbox.


But seriously, I see this so much, I hurt for people just wasting their time until they figure out what they are going to teach.



Other folks know what they are going to teach but haven’t created a website.

Same thing: no website = no business.

No website – where on earth are people going to read your letters?


Other folks won’t create lessons or training to teach what they know.

No lessons = nothing to sell.

Nothing to see = no business.


I could go on and on.


Now, my guess is you are different.

or maybe I just highlighted something that’s a big deal for you.


I don’t know.


But now that I’ve run off anyone who doesn’t want to hear the honest truth . . .


I am going to make the assumption you have a topic to teach, that you are an expert, a coach, or are willing to learn what to teach as you go . . .


So, in short, you can offer value others will want to pay for!


What business model do you want?


Do you want to start a $50 a month membership?

Do you want to have a $200 a month coaching program?

Do you want to have a $2000 higher-level roundtable?

Do you want to have a $5000 Mastermind?


Now . . this is where a lot of folks get stuck.

Because they try to choose one . . . but then are never happy that they can’t meet everyone’s needs.

And ultimately, if there are 4 sets of needs of people who come to visit your site, and you only meet one need . . you are leaving 70-80% of the revenue behind!!


You see, some folks just want to pay you for a basic membership with access to your basic training for a basic price.

Other folks want coaching.

Other folks want a very small group access – and are willing to pay more.


And the truth is this:

You’ll never meet ALL the needs of the people in your niche with just one.

If you have something low priced for the masses . . .serious folks don’t take it seriously, so they don’t buy,.

But if you price it and package it for serious folks . . the masses can’t (or won’t) afford it.


So . . . if you have only one level . . . you leave money on the table.


And since you are creating the training and running a real business anyway, why not have multiple levels?


Something like this:

1) a $50 a month membership with access to core training

2) a $100 – $200 a month group coaching program where folks can ask questions

3) a $2000 Roundtable – maybe 20 people, meets 2x a month for 6 months

4) a $5000 – $10,000 Mastermind that has 5-10 people, 6 months to a year


Now, with multiple tracks like that, these are some hypothetical numbers:

Let’s say you get 1000 subscribers:

10% join at $50 a month – so 100 at $50 a month = $5000 in revenue

3% join at $100 a month – so 30 at $100 a month = $3000 in revenue

5 people at $2000 = $10,000

2 people at $5,000 = $10,000


You see, the levels add up.

They stack on top of each other.

Any one level . . . and you are barely profitable.

But with all 4 levels –

you have enough volume in revenue to actually buy real traffic.


And if you do interviews and write blog posts and do some viral stuff . . . with real revenue coming in, it’s much easier because you can outsource, and so on.

But with just one level . . it’s really really hard.


My business is much the same.

The price points are a little different.

My entry level is $39 a month

My next level is $400 a month

My higher level is $1000 a month

And then there’s my $10,000 and $5,000 offers.


Not everyone enrolls in everything.

Not everyone qualifies to see all the opportunities.


So here’s the question for you:


Do YOU want to choose one path . . . high ticket, low ticket, mid ticket


OR do you want to have all 4 paths?


4 Streams of Income on ONE SITE?


What would your life look like in 2019 if you were to create 4 streams of income from your one site . . .

and have all 4 streams of income cranking along by the first day of January, 2019?


So that in January, perhaps you have 20 members at $40

and 10 members at $100

and 2 clients at $2000

and 1 client at $5000

and then next month, February, you look like this:

perhaps you have 40 members at $40

and 20 members at $100

add 2 clients at $2000

add 1 client at $5000

Then March:

perhaps you have 60 members at $40

and 30 members at $100

add 2 clients at $2000

add 1 client at $5000


It begins to snowball . . . all with the same traffic!


And so much of your training can overlap . . .

Sure, at first you’ll have to create a lot of training up front . . hey, I had to create a lot of training when I started MY business . . .


But let me ask you this:

Would it be worth it to work like crazy for October, November and 1/2 of December of this year . . .


So that in January you could start the snowball . . .


In fact, think about this:

If you just flatlined with the March revenue:

perhaps you have 60 members at $40 = $2400

and 30 members at $100 = $3000

add 2 clients at $2000 = $4000

add 1 client at $5000 = $5000

that’s $14,400 per month

That is over $140,000 in 2019!

How would that feel?

If that is something you want to do . . . think on this:

Are you willing to work hard for 2 1/2 months

to get things positioned to have a business like that in 2019?

What would it mean for you to have that in your life in 2019?

What would it mean for your family to have that in your life in 2019?

Sean Mize