Case Study: All – Out for Traffic

Perhaps you are frustrated because you have trouble finding the “traffic” you need in your business. Maybe you’ve heard me say, “go where people are looking for a solution, or where people who have the kind of problem you solve, hang out online.”

That may be forums, groups, web pages, etc.

But the other day, I read 2 articles that simply elevated my respect for some ordinary guys with a business starting from scratch just like you . . . and they found a way to add $400o a month to their business from cold traffic . . .that’s $4000 the first month, $8000 the second month, $12,000 the 3rd month . . . from cold traffic.

(By the way, when you think about adding $4k a month, month after month . . what are they doing? Simple, simple, simple: Phone Wagon: Call Tracking for Marketers)

And I want to add one more thing . . . . they are driving traffic with articles like the one you read on medium . . . if you go their website, and really study what they are doing . . . you can’t help but be inspired . . .

Here’s their story:

Adding $4k of MRR Month After Month from Cold Traffic

And then if you are really serious about growing your business using unconventional traffic, read this – carefully, and with an open mind:

From $1300 to $725,000 per month


Now, as you are reading those, you might think, well that won’t work for me . . .

Or will it?

You see, we talked yesterday in the email about the difference in mindset between calling your selling a basement entrepreneur and a startup, and of course some folks told me something to the effect that when they look up the definition of a startup it’s more about growth and structure and going for something big so that doesn’t feel right to them . . .

What are you in this for if not to go big and change lots of lives????

And in order to change lots of lives, your viewpoint on what it takes MUST CHANGE.

You see, when I read articles like the ones above, I get energized inside because I see ideas all over the place.

And I take what I can use.

But I can almost guarantee that 5-10 people will respond to this post via email and tell me why that won’t work for them.

Instead of finding a way.

How serious are you about your idea and changing the world with it?

Are you willing to find a way, no matter what?

Is it important enough to think outside the box?

Or is it just plain old more convenient to sit back, try a few online courses, and think, well, that didn’t work, I guess I have to buy another course?

Or are. you taking full charge, and rolling your idea out to the millions?

Ok, now that you’ve read my rant, seriously, DEVOUR these articles:

Adding $4k of MRR Month After Month from Cold Traffic


From $1300 to $725,000 per month


Get inspired today and take action, make decisions, go big with your idea!