Coaching Conversion Machine Initial Homework

Your homework before the first of the 8 live sessions:

1) Answer these questions:

Initial Questions

send me your answers

2) Watch this video (this is background, I want you to “get” a deep concept:

(NOTE: you MUST watch it live on the screen, click the top play button (the triangle). If you use the download feature, you ONLY get the audio – but you NEED to see the screen.)

Hero’s Journey Story Telling

3) Listen to this training, then DO the homework:

Write the Story your client tells themselves


P.S. Yes, that is about 10 hours of homework.

No, there is no site work yet – this is preparatory, once these steps are in place, the site work becomes much easier (ever wondered WHAT do I put on each page on my coaching site? when you complete this week and the next couple of weeks – you’ll KNOW, you’ll put it there, and then we’ll start working on the selling process.