Coaching Program Design Questions

The more detail you can give about each answer, the more helpful your answers will be (to you and to me):

1) Do you prefer to teach on video (webinars) or on audio (teleconference)?

2) What is the RESULT someone will get in working with you in your Coaching Program?

3) What are the 10-15 (or more) steps a person will take to GET those results (list out exactly what they have to do)

4) What are the things you will teach in each step to help them DO those steps so that they can get the result?

5) How will you teach those things?

6) Which of those things could you give a supplemental print homework lesson for?

7) What would that homework lesson be (for each step)?

8) What are 3 things you really enjoy teaching to your clients?

9) Write at least one paragraph (or more) about each of those 3 things.