Coaching Sales Page Template

Simply fill in the obviously unfinished sentences to write your sales letter.

Don’t be a robot or a monkey (sorry, Chimpanzees and Howlers, you get a bad rab in human-town!!) instead THINK and write innovatively and personally.


This is the SAME sales letter structure I’ve personally used for YEARS with very little change:


To see me using this format live, watch this youtube:

Watch Me Create a Coaching Program and Write the Sales Letter Using this Template



Discover the Secret to!


To: Your Audience

From: Your name, title

Do you want to, but you are struggling because you?

Does it feel easier to just, even though you?

Or perhaps you’ve been stymied by —- or you don’t know where to start?

If so, I understand . . .

My name is Your Name. I’m — and before —- , I was trying to —-…

Just like you, —–But that did not happen…
tell story

Now that I’m successful with —– , I’ve decided to pass on my experience and I’ve decided to open a coaching program to help you do what I’ve done . . .

If you choose to work with me, I’ll show you a road map that is easy to follow.

Story about road map

When you work with me:

Story about what happens when you work with me

Step by step I’m going to show you how to:

Bullets about what you are going to work on

Now the way this is going to work is we are going to meet on a biweekly basis (2 times a month)

One week is a Q+A where you can ask me anything you want, and the next week is a lesson where I teach you the next step.

It will all be on video, so that you can SEE what you are learning and SEE how do it, quickly and easily!

In addition, I’m including your access to a private facebook group, email, and live Q&A every other week. We will call that office hours or hot seat.

Now, here’s what you’ll really dig deep on when you work with me:


PLUS we’ll work step by step through these topics:

List, list, list

bullets, bullets, bullets

Now, I know that’s alot, but when you work with me (tell story)

The bottom line is I am going to show you a road map that is easy to follow.

tell more story

What’s this worth?

Perhaps as you are reading this, you are realizing that with the right help you CAN — whatever you teach . . .

What would that mean for you?

How would your life be different if you finally released your life’s work, your amazing ——?

What would that mean for your family?

How would that feel for you?

If you are like most of my clients, my guess is that it would be amazing – truly, genuinely life changing!

Now, here’s the thing, I personally charge $300 an hour for my —what you do , and if you were
to work with me 1-1 to accomplish everything we’ll do in this program, it would be about 50 hours of work . . . so that would be about $15,000 and worth every penny!

And my guess is that if you —- did what you teach ——within the next few months, it would be worth even more than $15,000 to be able to do that!

However, I want to make this a no-brainer

It’s going to be small group coaching, but over the course of the program, you’ll get access to over 50 of me . . .yours truly, your name . . .

A genuine $15,000 value, both in my time and your value in launching your movie . .

But to make this a no-brainer so you can finally get started NOW without taking a mortgage or pleading with your wife, the first 10 clients to enroll will only invest $1000 to work with me over the next year and totally—-do what you teach!

(payment button here)

I want to see your —what you teach done!

your name

P.S. Perhaps you are thinking, will this really work for ME?

And if so . . .I get it . . .

and so I’m 100% guaranteeing this for a full 60 days – if you aren’t amazed at your launch progress within the first 60 days, just ask and I’ll refund every penny –

The bottom line is this: my process WORKS and I want you to see that . . but if it doesn’t change your life and —–do what you teach, I can’t sleep at night if I keep your money . . .

Seriously, give this a try:

(payment link here)

At this point, I normally copy and paste the bullet points and the format of the class and write something like this:

here’s a review of what we are going to do together in the next few months:

(copy bullets, structure, and close)

your name