Coaching Sales Page Templates

Congratulations for choosing to study and dissect my 7 coaching sales letters . .  .

The best way to study these is to read each one from top to bottom, and ask yourself how you feel as you read each one.

Then begin to compare and think about the words I used, and how you could use similar (or different) words to write your own coaching sales letters.

Before you read any of the letters, I recommend you listen to the training that teaches the psychology and pricing value structure of a year-long coaching program:

Psychology and Pricing Structure

Plus, you will be receiving access to my live training where I will teach you:

–> The exact system I use to sell $1000 Coaching Packages to my Subscribers

–> The exact types of emails that are required to build the necessary trust for someone to pay you $1000 to coach them.

–> Why selling low ticket products isn’t getting you the income you want online

–> The exact system I use to automate my entire $1000 coaching program selling system and make money on autopilot (even when I’m sleeping or on vacation)

And here is a training to teach you how to create a year-long coaching program:

How to Create a Year-Long Coaching Program

In the meantime, here are the sales letters

(note: none of these programs is live, if a button is live, please don’t enroll)

RoundTable Mastermind:

RoundTable Mastermind

$97 a month standard core coaching program: I ran this program for about 8 years, with 50-100 clients per month for about 100 months:

$97 a month coaching letter you can copy

90 to 3k (no payments)

90  to 3k

With payments

90 to 3k payments

Hoop Trio Sales Letter for High – Ticket Coaching:


(the purpose of these letters in order is to filter (or qualify) your list for higher-ticket client who trust more and are willing to pay more)

I used these sales letters in order:

First hoop letter

Letter after they invest in the first hoop

The next hoop

(keep in mind, these are not copy-and-paste, they are to show you a pattern that builds desire)

Finally, the sales page



 6 Week Crash Course Sales Letter

6 Week Crash Course Sales Letter With Payments

(the idea with payments is that you offer the full price offer first, then a few days later, add a payment option [for those who don’t take the full price offer])


All-Access Coaching Sales Letter

(this is a current, live program)

Niche Coaching Membership Sales Letter


(This is also an active program)



One more hint: (I alluded to this earlier ) the BEST way to learn to write copy the way I do is to read and write, read and write . . . read my sales letters carefully, really FEEL how they come across, then sit down and write a sales letter . . then throw it away and write another one.

Get COMFORTABLE writing sales letters . . .


Disclaimer: these are not live sales letters, these letters are for sample purposes only, may make promises that are no longer valid, and are ONLY for example and educational purpose only