Coaching Templates Package

For each of these, you can copy then make any changes to make it totally customized for YOUR business:

1) Coaching Sales Letter Template:

Coaching Sales Letter Template

2) Sales Letter Template (1st sales letter in this package, includes the upsell pages):

Html files for pre-written sales funnel

3) Membership Sales Letter:

Membership Sales Letter

4) 7 Sample Coaching Sales Letters (Different Concepts, Price Points, Examples Only):

7 Sample Coaching Sales Letters

5) Sample Download Page:

Sample Download Page


6) 30 day Email Campaign Rapport-Building Sequence:

30 Day Email Campaign Rapport-Building Sequence



How to Write a Coaching Sales Letter:

How to Write a Coaching Sales Letter

Conversational Copywriting Training:

Conversational Copywriting

And as a second bonus, listen to this training from last week’s live coaching call, where I teach how to write a sales letter from scratch:

How to Write a Compelling Sales Letter From Scratch


Friend, I want to see you succeed, and having a complete and powerful coaching program is a strong part of making that happen!

I encourage you to take action and just do it – create your  coaching program soon!

Sean Mize