Want to try out my weekly coaching call and see what happens to your business?


Dear Fellow Coach:

Congratulations for choosing to study building your own coaching program!

And I'd like to make you a special offer to upgrade and try out my highest level coaching program at a discounted new-member price . . .

I teach a new and fresh topic each week, and I talk with you live and guide you in your business . . . .

Now, it's specifically geared towards helping you leverage your membership and coaching program to include additional components . . .like coaching, additional products, a funnel, and so on . . . advanced monetization . . .

Now, my coaching program is $1000 a year to new clients through my site . . ..

But because of this special offer, I'm running a special try - out- coaching - with - Sean where you get in for just $39 a month . . . cancel anytime.

That's right . . . join my program, pick my brain 4x the first month . . . learn everything you need to know and launch your program . . . and then cancel if you want, and no hard feelings . .

Now, I don't recommend that, as I can literally give you new ideas month after month after month that make it worth way more than $39 . . .but I wanted you to see that you can get in, learn what you need . . . and go on without me if you want to!


But, with this special client "thank you" offer . . . instead of $1000 like you'd invest on my site, you'll invest just $39 a month, cancel anytime for the whole kit and kaboodle . . .


Coaching Business Mentoring Program

Now, perhaps you are wondering . . . okay, what will I learn right off the bat, in addition to the weekly training calls?

So . . .

here's a partial list of the training topics:

---> How to Start Your Coaching Program Fast (7-10 Days from Idea to Launch)

---> Determine Exactly What to Teach In Your Coaching Program

---> How to Create the Deliverables and Homework Assignments in Your Coaching Program

---> How to Deliver the Coaching Sessions

---> Print, Audio or Video Coaching -I give you the pros and cons and give you a simple rule of thumb for choosing

---> How to Write a Sales Letter to Enroll Clients in Your Coaching

---> How to Write Your Preselling Campaign for Your Coaching Program

---> How to Easily Turn Your Coaching Sessions into Long-Term Coaching Lessons

---> Step by Step How to Write an Easy But Powerful Email Campaign That Builds Credibility and Trust



PLUS - full Coaching Program Marketing Ideas:

---> How to Find a Marketable Problem You Can Solve

---> How to Come Up With a Unique Angle for Your Coaching Business

---> Position Yourself to be "The Only" in Your Niche

---> Listen like a fly on the wall as I guide a client to easily discover his USP


PLUS - I teach you additional Coaching Models such as:

----> the $100k, $300k, and $1 Million dollar business plans

----> The One Year Coaching Program Model

----> The $100k Membership Model

And much more!


The bottom line is that not only are you going to learn the nuts and bolts of building a powerful coaching business from scratch, you are going to discover how to keep it going for years to come, and cement your place as an expert in your niche!



In additon, I want to add a bonus that you get just for trying out my new A-Z Coaching Business Mentoring Program

First, a little background . . when you first start coaching, it can be intimidating trying to write a sales letter from scratch, to design your coaching members area from scratch . . . to write your prospecting emails from scratch . . .

So as a very special bonus, I'm giving you:

prewritten coaching program sales letters

prewritten emails to presell your coaching

prewritten webinar script if you want to enroll clients through popular webinars

coaching members area primer - how to set up a membership-style delivery area for your lessons


PLUS . . . .

remember I told you that in the past, I had multiple training programs at prices from $97 to $997 you could purchase as a standalone?

Well, as a special bonus when you enroll today, I'm going to give you the following programs:

Coaching Business Starter Course ($197)

Client Enrollment Course ($997)

Conversational Copywriting Course ($997)

Advanced Psychology of Email Campaigns ($387)


These are downloadable training programs . . . and they are yours to keep even if you decide to cancel your monthly membership!

Consider it a "try it out" gift . .

The bottom line is this:

I believe you can have your own coaching program up and running THIS MONTH

and I want to empower you to do it . . .


Now, perhaps you are thinking . . . Sean, if you can sell these programs and get those kinds of prices . . why are you offering this for so little?

And here's why: I mentioned my dream earlier . . .

My dream is for folks like you to be able to start your own coaching program

and to be able to do it without all the hassle it took me when I first got started . . .

You see, I had to buy standalone products

I invested thousands in private coaches

and I've seen other coaches charge thousands for this kind of training

and in fact, if someone wants to just buy a $400 training program instead of going with this membership . . . I guess that's their choice . .

BUT . . .

my feeling is that it's not all about the money

and frankly, I'd much rather change 10 lives for the same $400 to me than for just one person to get to invest . . .


And my guess is that YOU would rather learn for $97 a month than to keep buying $400 and $97 and $997 trainings to try to figure it all out one step at a time . . .


I want to see you succeed, and I've finally launched my dream . . an affordable Coach Training System, complete with 2x a month access to me . . .

Now, I do want to say this:

the $97 a month charter client test pricing is just that . . .and I may raise that for future new clients to $197 a month or even more

but when you enroll today you get grandfathered in to the $97 a month price . . .

(But right now, with this special offer since you just enrolled in my 6 week class, you'll get in for just $39 a month):

Coaching Business Mentoring Program

I look forward to seeing you launch your coaching program fast!








I look forward to coaching you!

Sean Mize