Concierge Access

Welcome to Concierge Access!

We’ll get started this week, but want to get folks in and know what topics, etc, first . . .

So for the next few days, here’s what I want YOU to work on:

1) Create a guideline sheet for what you teach, your proprietary process (create one if you don’t have one), and explain how a client following this process gets extra-ordinary results

2) it’s CRITICAL that everything you do is genuine, professional, and literally will change lives. I know I don’t have to say this, but want to be upfront and clear: I don’t mail junk, I don’t teach junk, I don’t promote junk. My guess is one reason you like and trust me is that if I teach you something . . .it works. If I tell you about someone¬† . . . they can genuinely help you. That means that in order for ME to tell my world about YOU your work has to genuinely help folks. So . . .

3) It’s important that you create FOR YOURSELF a quality standard. Write it out. What is going to be YOUR quality standard for 2019 for every post you write, every email I mail, every article you write, every promotion (product or coaching) you create, every video you record, EVERYTHING?

What is your quality standard?

How good is it?

Are you PROUD of it?

4) Being mapping out what you see as a progression of training and releases through the year.

5) Once you’ve done all those things – shoot me an email –

6) Then we’ll get started!


I’m excited about you GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL THIS YEAR!