Consultant Mentorship Questions

I’ve assembled some questions to begin to guide us as I assemble some pre-work for the specialized part of your funnel.

I want to use my framework for conversion, etc., but really want to capture the words you use in your business . . . so am asking these to start, will likely have more.

There are 2 components to these questions, the first is for capturing some of your story, your “why” for the webinar (just like the “why” that I explained on my webinar earlier)

The second part is capturing an understanding of what YOU uniquely teach, which will be used as the secondary part of your business (and will be the big connector to trust you, then you lead them to the system)

Don’t rush these, the more depth you put in, the easier the next 7 weeks will be!

I will likely be out of pocket Saturday anyhow, so there’s no rush, then once you get them to me, we’ll schedule your 90 minute up front blueprint session to kick things off.

Part 1) About your story, write as in depth as possible so I will have a lot to work with when I start crafting your email.

1) Write out WHY you really want to do this for folks

2) Tell me about about your journey online that led you to place of seeing this as a great model for you.

3 ) Tell about how see this changing the world, and how it will uniquely benefit your clients.

Part 2) About YOUR current coaching topic:

  1. What is the single biggest benefit (thing that happens to your client) if he goes through your coaching?
  2. What are the next 4 benefits to your client?
  3. What are 10 things your client will DO in your program?
  4. What are 10 things your client will OVERCOME in your program?
  5. What are 7 things your client is STUCK ON and therefore needs your program?
  6. What are the 17 things (at least ) that you will be teaching?
  7. What is the single most important thing your program will do for someone?
  8. If you were to teach your system in 3 steps, what are they?
  9. What are 9 psychological reasons WHY someone NEEDS to “do it the way you teach”?
  10. What are the 7 reasons that are not psychological for why someone needs to do what you teach?

Thanks . . . there will be more, but this is a start!