Write Email Campaign From Hero’s Journey Story

Hero’s Journey Script Writing

Learn to Storyboard and Write a Hero's Journey Story

Position as an Expert

This module will teach you to position as an expert

Conversational Copywriting

Learn How to Easily Write Sales Copy Using Conversational Techniques

Module 1: Introduction to Anyone Can Coach and Your Own Coaching Business

Demonstration Videos – Technical

In this module, I show you how I create products, my technical stack, how I create memberships, etc

Advanced Module: Design a Million Person Business

Design a business with a large market - aka "million person business"

Advanced Module: Innovate and Disrupt

How to Innovate and Disrupt in Your Niche

Writing Trust Building Email Campaign

How to write powerful trust-building email campaigns

Classic Coaching Program Training

Create Your Coaching Program Fast

Coaching Program Launch Course

Use this 3 day crash course to launch your coaching program fast