This amazing training was contributed by Client Bob Thibodeau! Thank you Bob!

From Bob: Thank you for your interest in creating a podcast!  This is mulit-BILLION dollar industry that is, truly, in its infancy! The “first podcast” was only created a little over 14 years ago! (The growth really started when Apple introduced podcasting to its iTunes music software).

Now, podcasting has grown to over 630,000 podcasts listed on iTunes with over 115,000 English speaking podcasts (as of October 2017 – so we know that number has gone up)!

I first created this video course in 2017. It was sold for $197.

I’m sure you understand how fast technology changes. What was current two years ago has been improved upon. Although many of the fundamentals will remain the same, some of the “technical aspects” change.

I have created an updated “Podcast Training Program” for 2019. It is an eight week program that guarantees you will launch your podcast within the eight weeks (if you complete each step of “homework” that walks you through the process). This new training program is using up-to-date information and technology.

I did not want to disregard the training that has already been created. It still has a lot of great, relevant information. But because of the new training program, I do not believe selling access to this video training is the prudent thing to do.

So I have decided to offer this entire training for FREE!  Which is why you are here!

If you will follow the advice provided, it will move you forward in the creation (or improvement) of your podcast. I believe you find the information very helpful. Of course, it is also my belief, that after viewing these videos, you will want to become part of the current “Podcast Training Program” as well.

You can access the current course through my website at

In the meantime, enjoy this video course and “Happy Podcasting!”

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