details about investing in my upcoming affiliate campaign

ok, I’ll be transparent here, I wasn’t planning on revealing any meaningful details about the launch or the investment unless a person was interested, and they asked, and then if I knew that person and trusted them, I would share the details . .

Because I know this is a great opportunity, I believe that only one person seriously responded because I was so vague and you wanted more details before you could even think about it seriously . .

So . . . after writing this client back personally, I thought, why not share it with only those folks who read the first email I sent?

If they knew the details, there might be interest.

Or not.

So I’m recopying the email I sent to my client, here:

(Name withheld for privacy)

thanks for reaching out . . .

I’ll be completely transparent with you here.

This is a very different email than I planned to write the 5-10 folks whom I expected would respond to that email . . .

but I’m going to go out on a limb . . . I trust you as well

and share with you behind the scenes, how it really is

here goes:

I have a powerful concept webinar that in testing converted exceedingly well.

I want to run it as an affiliate launch, and in fact have a number of partners who should do well with it.

Here’s the transparency:

Although my business is successful, it basically takes in what it needs to pay everyone and myself etc.

(about $25k a month)

In order to give this affiliate launch the effort it needs to do well

I need 2 weeks to focus only on the affiliate launch, in addition to working with my private clients

and that means no prospecting, selling, etc

which means very little income

To do that, I need about $15k extra in the business up front.

My thought was that a few of my clients would be interested in doing something like either a $1000 investment for a 1% profit share

or $3000 investment for 5% profit share

And receive the investment back as well . . . so no matter how poorly the campaign does, they get their money back plus something . . .

my guess is the campaign can do between $100k and $400k at about a 30% profit

so somewhere between $30k and $120k in profit

1% then is $300 – $1200

so the $1000 investment returns $1300 – $2200

the $3000 investment returns $4500 – $9000

as you mentioned in your email of course it’s based on trust

and of course we don’t know anywhere near what the exact revenue will be.

But to be honest – you are the ONLY client to respond who is capable or serious.

Obviously my thought was, 5 folks would be excited to invest $3k each

I’d give away 25% of the profit

on something I can’t really do easily without the investment

they’d make good change

I’d have the launch


they’d make a good return

I’d do the launch.

Anyhow – just sharing the facts in response to your question . . .


Now, this may be laughable to you.

Or maybe you learned something in this email that contradicts what you thought about me.

And I hope I’ve dashed my own trust with you . . .

But I’m hoping that you get to 1) see behind the scenes of a REAL business and the REAL challenges a business has to make new things happen . .

and 2) perhaps now that you have the details, you might think, yeah, I trust Sean, let’s make this happen . . .

But if not, no worries.

Allow this to EXPAND your understanding of what it really takes to do a big launch in this industry.

Learn from this.

But I sincerely hope no one trusts me LESS as a result of me sharing so candidly . . .

I appreciate you

I hope I can help YOU grow to the next level, somehow someway