I will ask you specific questions so that I understand what YOU teach so that I can design your coaching program and write your sales letter and write your 10 day email campaign.

In order for me to best create your coaching program structure and write your sales letter and your 10- email campaign, the more completely you answer my questions (even if they are repetitive, please don’t use tactics like “see answer 4”), the more effectively I can do my work for you!

because if I have incomplete information, I can’t read your mind, then your coaching will be based on incomplete information (of course, you can always add to and change the work I do for you, and over time of course you’ll make changes, just like I do!)

Start here:

Questions for you


Sales Letter Questionaire

then answer these questions:

Coaching Program Design Questions

I may have more questions as I work through these . . but I generally can’t start working until I have all the information (I work in creative bursts, I don’t work 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, I want to be able to write everything for you in a strong creative sitting)!