Do you need to overcome fear?

There’s a hidden not-talked-about in the success world . . and that is fear.

We don’t talk about it.

We don’t address it.

But it’s like an ugly monster that is STOPPING us from success . . .

Fear is real.

Fear must be overcome.

I’ve recorded a video about overcoming fear, Sean Mize style:

Kristin has recorded a video about overcoming fear, ala Kristin style:

and Cynthia has recorded a video about what works for HER:

My guess is that when YOU deal with fear . . . you need a little of my technique,
a little of Kristin’s technique and a little of Cynthia’s technique

(hint: that’s kind of how success works, figuring out the EXACT combination of things that work for YOU)

Watch all 3.

Even if you dislike part of mine, or part of Kristin’s or part of Cynthia’s.

But watch them all.

Then ask yourself, what do I need to do to overcome MY OWN FEAR?

You can do it!

Write it down!

Share it below 🙂



  1. anyonecancoach on September at 5:03 pm

    What could you do this weekend to overcome your biggest fear in your business?

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