Early Bird Black Friday 2018 Mega Offer

Welcome and congratulations on getting in early on 2018 Black Friday!

There are 5 components, I’ve copy and pasted the info about each one, so you know clearly what each is :-), then the link to access, afterwards:

Component 1:

This is 20,000 PLUS words of unreleased, unpublished brand new print (written) content I’ve generated recently:

The email campaign I used to sell 140 units at $39 each . . . this massive document is 9,712 words!! and can be made into a resellable sample campaign, used as a training, and so on

Intro to Sales Funnel Automation (1205 words)

now, you might be asking, why put these words in a mega sale like this . . here’s one reason: I tend to write when inspired, and frankly speaking, sometimes I write something I’m excited about, great writing . . . but I don’t finish it . . so it just sits there totally unused .

You can take these, polish them up, make them yours . . and you have powerful web content or book content!

the Mathematical Formula for Online Success Doc – 3136 words

A ramble about embracing risk and doing what no one else has ever done (2014 words)

12 Product Launch Campaigns Pre-Written Emails (I had even forgotten I wrote this!!) – 6227 words

And the thing is, it’s worth more than just the words . . .these docs are insightful . . I think things about this industry that I don’t often share . . . and I wrote about some of them here . . good stuff!


Access 20,000 words docs:

20, 000 Words Docs


Component 2: My Webinar Mega Package – Also never released . . . this is a package of 5 webinar scripts I’ve written this year:

Webinar Campaign System Webinar (powerpoint)- I used this to sell my $297 Webinar Campaign System

Application Webinar to Talk With Me and Invest $3000 – $7000 (powerpoint) (you can use this to take your own applications, many of the big names are using this to get high value folks on the phone, then sell at $5000 – $20,000)

Free book funnel upsell offer . . someone buys my book for shipping + handling, then they watch this video sales letter to buy an upsell (powerpoint)

The webinar that sold my $2k Mastermind – the $2k Mastermind Webinar (powerpoint)

The high ticket selling webinar . . . this is not powerpoint, this is on a word doc – just the script (I didn’t finish it, about 4000 words in this) (powerpoint)

Access webinar scripts:


5 Webinar Scripts (Zip File)


Component 3: You get syndication rights to all my 2018 Weekly Coaching Calls –

I have NEVER offered these kinds of rights to these before, and may never do this again, but I am wanting to make this the BEST Black Friday Sale Ever

These are the recordings from all my 2018 Weekly Group Coaching calls . . varied topics, you can copy these for your own 2019 training!


Note: Thanks for your patience, I’ve actually added the 2017 coaching calls to this as a bonus:

2017 – 2018 Coaching Calls


Component 4:

This is actually 3 standalone trainings which will be sold as individual wsos in the next few weeks:

1) My plan to generate $100k by the end of the year, on the WarriorPlus network . . . I will give you insider details for how I plan to do it, the ideas I have, and how you can get

How I am masterminding it

Why I believe it is possible

How to Get Others to Contribute

Note: I have not recorded this yet, aiming for next week

2) How to Create Offers Out of Thin Air That Convert Like Crazy . . and Make you $100s of Dollars an Hour

This will reveal a brand new concept I’ve recently discovered, that actually allowed me to generate about $25 PER SUBSCRIBER ON MY LIST last month

Here is the training:

How to Create Offers Out of Thin Air That Convert Like Crazy

3) A brand new offer method where YOU can create your own income plan by the end of the year, literally start from scratch, and get sales coming in . . . .

Foundational Plan I Personally Use in My Business – Key to InfoMarketing – Plus Traffic (2 parts, nearly 3 hours of training


Now, this final component, Component 5, I’m not even sure I want to do this component . . . so I may remove this for future clients . . but for right now, I’m including about 30 of my own personally written salesletters that I’ve written in the last year or so, to give you massive ideas . . .

These are sales letters I wrote this year . . some for practically practice, some to sell coaching, some to share ideas . . these are off-the-cuff – some of my best sales letter writing of the year . . .


Here is the access for the 30 sales letters:

Sales Letter Swipe File