Email Campaign Toolbox


You have chosen a powerful package of emails – the same emails I use in my own email campaigns!

I suggest reading through the emails initially, to get a feeling for the flow of the email campaigns and the standalone emails, then go through the bonuses to learn how to write your own emails.

Then as you are writing your own emails, use mine as inspiration or for ideas.


Zip File With 186 Emails:

Zip File With 186 Emails

Bonus Training:

Video Showing Me Writing 9 Emails

(Note, as I said on the video, this is 9 emails, the video says 35 at the very beginning, I guess I thought I was going to type alot faster than I do!!!):

Concept Campaign (How to Find Out What Your Subscribers Will Buy)

Credibility Campaign Training

How to Write a Product Launch Audios: