Even God Exercises Responsibility

If you are following Him and He gives you direction and you are trusting Him

you have a responsibility to follow and trust and take action to DO what He has called you to do.

It’s easy to sit back and say, God has called me to do this, so He will make a way, I am supposed to just sit back and trust.

Yes, to trust His way and His direction.

But YOU must take responsibility for DOING the task.

God called Moses, but didn’t MAKE him go to Pharoah.

God called Joshua, but didn’t MAKE him cross the river . . He gave him strength to do it,
but He didn’t MAKE Joshua give instructions to the people to pack up and get ready to go.

God called Esther to save her people . . but He didn’t MAKE her.

She took responsibility and went to the King.

God didn’t make Jesus offer His life . . He did it freely . . . .

but with great responsibility, knowing the fate of humankind was in His blood.

Responsibility is written into the DNA of God’s code, the Kingdom code, and our very faith.

God created us in His image, and He operates through responsibility to His promises
to us . . .

And the only way WE can do and create and implement everything He has for us
is to use the same responsibility He uses . . .

We have a great responsibility to DO what He has called us to do.


You see, you can claim reliance on God for strength . . . but if you don’t take responsibility
and DO what He has given you strength for, you won’t use it.

You can trust God to lead you, but if you don’t take responsibility to DO what He leads you
to do . . . you won’t do it.

Even with basic obedience like tithing, trusting Him, relying on Him, listening to Him, following
Him, putting Him first, you must exercise responsibility and discipline.

Responsibility to tithe, responsibility to trust Him, responsibility to listen to Him,
responsibility to follow Him, responsibility to put Him first.

And then you must exercise discipline to tithe, discipline to trust Him, discipline to listen to Him,
discipline to follow Him, discipline to put Him first.