Live Workshop at 2 PM ET today:

Discover How to Create an Evergreen Automated $500 - $2000 Selling Campaign

On this exciting live training at 2 PM ET today, Sean Mize, author of Anyone Can Coach, will show you:

  • Why One Time Sales Pages and Even One-Time Webinars are no longer performing like they used to (and why YOU may be suffering from lower conversion rates and fewer buyers)
  • I'll show you the importance of a 3-part onboarding process to magnify your lead and buyer conversion
  • I'll teach you the modern day importance of using an indoctrination campaign to change your buyer's belief systems so that they can take action and make changes
  • I'll teach you my 10 day trust based email campaign formula so that you can start writing your own webinar emails
To get on the live training: