Fast Coaching Program and Traffic – Module 3

If you have not completed lesson 1, do not pass go until you do:

Lesson 1

If you have not listened to this recording in it’s entirety, with deep thought,

do this next:

2nd Lesson Recording

If you have listened to part of it, or parts of it, and decided you don’t need it . . .

you will not make the same progress as if you completely listen to it.

Don’t be afraid to listen 2x, 3x – it contains the essence of $100k a year online
from your home

I can’t stress that enough, and I know some folks will try to skate by and skip some
of it cause it feels boring or whatever . . and they will not get the same results as you!

Today’s work:

Once, you’ve completely listened to that, make a list of at least 100 specific places
where folks in your niche are looking for help.

List specific facebook groups

Linkedin groups

list specific forums, paid or free

and anywhere else they are hanging out – but list at least 100 places, and list
them individually

Send that list to me when completed