Fast Coaching Program and Traffic – Module 5

So far you’ve done quite a bit of study, you’ve answered a lot of questions that have hopefully given you insight on how you can be targeted and clear in your offer.

You’ve made a list of 100 places where folks hang out online who need what you have.

The next step is to determine how you can interact with the folks at those places.

Many places, like facebook groups, are easy to see how you can interact.

But for others, some may have forums, some may have active blogs, others may be impossible to gain traction in.

But don’t discount finding out if the moderator of the site could use someone to help write or curate articles (with a link to your site)

So take out your list of 100 places . . and for each place, write down how you can get involved in that site and begin offering advice to folks who need what you have.

Then give it a try . . .go to each site or group and find 5 people in each site, and help them . . .

And if you haven’t listened to BOTH tracks on this training, be sure to listen (the process I teach here is KEY to getting unlimited traffic):

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