Fast Coaching Program and Traffic – Module 7

If you’ve been studying the lessons and coming to the coaching calls, you know

the path to selling online is pretty clear:

1) Find places where your prospects spend time online looking for solutions (for

example, facebook groups, forums and communities online

To do that you created a list of 100 places where folks hang out . .

Now one thing I noticed in looking at the lists, is that sometimes those lists

were from a perspective of just where content is – but not necessarily involvement

by people who need help – like forums and fb groups, and even youtube (although

youtube is more about creating an audience – often DRIVEN from forums and fb groups

and attracting folks, than actually getting involved in a “community:

And one more issue is some folks were saying they found fb groups but the wrong

groups once they started posting – realizing they have just found the same groups the

spammers and posers have found –

So here’s how to counter that: instead of looking for groups – make a list of 100

PEOPLE who are top-notch in your niche – then follow them, and be like a detective

and find out which groups THEY are working in – THOSE Will be real groups 🙂

Of course, as you get intensely involved in your niche, studying deeply and building
relationships with folks in your niche, over time you’ll discover “hidden”
forums and communities you can join.

Although this program is intended to give you a “quick start” – and this has
been an intense immersion – when you build long term you’ll build deep

relationships and you’ll get involved in those “hidden” forums and communities
you’ll discover over time.

2) The next step is to sell something . . .if you don’t sell anything, you don’t have anything.

Now, about 9 days ago I did the selling training on how to create

a coaching program from scratch –

So some of you are creating a coaching program – and that’s great.

But for many of you, you simply want to create a product –

So for this lesson, I’m giving you access to my Blackbelt Product

Creation training – and if you follow the exact instructions, you can

create a product this weekend.

Here is the training: Blackbelt Product Creation

3) If your product is created this weekend, you’ll be ready for Tuesday’s

coaching call at 11 AM ET where I will be showing you live how

to write a sales page for your product in less than one hour . . .


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