Fast Coaching program and Traffic Training


I intend for this to be a mix of seriously hard work plus a lot of fun in getting you to finally start making sales!

There’s one thing I didn’t get into much in the sales letter, but I want to get into it now:

and that is this:

Are you tired of making squeeze pages, free giveaways, optin forms, web pages, only to have tire-kickers and freebie-seekers only join your list?

If so, I think you are going to like what we do here . . because we are going to turn things around and focus on you making sales fast . . .

Now, before we go any further, I want you to do a little work before you start the trainings:

Answer these questions:

1) What do you teach?

2) WHO desperately needs what you teach?

3) What are the 10-15 steps someone MUST DO to implement what you teach?

(Write those steps out)

4) Do you prefer to record video, audio, or write out your training?

5) Tell about your marketing experience so far (do you have a list or not, how many facebook followers, do you have a following anywhere else)?

6) Make a list of the top ten sites in your niche

7) what are the 3 biggest biggest challenges that have held you back from doing this before now?