Fast Start Group Coaching Program Creation and Launch

I have created two tracks to creating your group coaching program fast. The one on the left is primarily audio-driven, and presents and intuitive view of creating it fast. When you understand the concept of fast iteration and simply launching it before you have lessons . . . you can move the fastest.

However, I find that many clients like to have step by step tutorials . . .so those are included on the right side.

EITHER path will result in a complete coaching program, launched in a few days. But I do find that sometimes hearing/seeing the same concept in a slightly different format allows clients to internalize faster, have more confidence, and therefore be able to implement much faster.

Remember one thing: the faster you launch this to your clients, the faster you'll replace lost income PLUS you'll take less chance that you lose some clients permanently.

Go for it!


Audio and More Intuitive Process of Launching:

As bonus listening, listen to this recording of a coaching call I did with a client where I gave him the entire process for launching a coaching program in less than a week (listen to this first):

Recording of coaching program launch call


Then listen to the daily recordings, walking you step by step through creating and launching your own coaching program by Wednesday of next week:

Day 1, Part 1 (listen to this first)

Day 1, Part 2

and the bonus training, how to write a coaching sales letter:

Coaching Sales Letter

Use the exact instructions in that teaching to create your sales letter –

Once you have written that much, it will be missing one critical element: emotional connection (when I recorded that training I just didn’t teach it). When I realized my mistake, I recorded another training to add that component. So next listen to this training: Adding in the Emotional Component of Your Sales Letter then write as directed in that training, and add it to your sales letter.

Here is the recording of the 2nd live coaching program launch class training (including homework, which is given on the recording of the call):

Day 2- How to do Your Launch Campaign (Among Other Things)

Here is the recording of the 3rd and final training:

Day 3 – How to Sign Up As Many Clients As Possible, How to Sell Yearly Coaching

To your coaching success,

Sean Mize


Also, I highly recommend you purchase my paperback book, as it contains exact instructions for every element of launching your coaching program, I refer to it on the trainings, and it will serve as a handy guide for writing your emails, sales letters, and running your program in the future:

Anyone Can Coach – the book


Step by Step Implementation to Create Your Coaching Program

Listen to this first:

Total Coaching Program Overview and Fast Implementation Plan

Then follow these steps sequentially to get your coaching program started fast:

Step 1: Determine the sequential implementation to teach in your coaching program

Step 2: Add training and deliverables to each step

Step 3: Determine delivery method

Step 3.5:

How to Create a Coaching Program Download Page in WordPress, Several Examples and Upload Methods

Purpose: To create the delivery area on your website, for your coaching program (so your clients can access your coaching materials)

Action step: do what I demonstrate in the video

Step 3.5 example:

Step 3.5, example page: example simple coaching lesson page

Step 4: Write Sales Letter:

How to Write a Coaching Program Sales Letter Part 1

Part 2: Add the Emotional Component to Your Sales Letter

Step 5: Schedule Coaching Call

Step 6: Deliver Coaching Call

Steps 7 and beyond:

Deliver a new coaching call each week or 2x a month.

Rinse and repeat.

After the initial 10-12 weeks, ask your clients what they want to learn. Make a new set of topics for the next set of weeks.

You will get to the point you can iterate and simply choose a new topic each week without long term planning.

The hardest week is week 1.

They get easier and easier.

Just do it! Get started!