First Live Training in Extreme Accountability

Here is the access line for the first live training in the Extreme Accountability Program:

Access line, first live training, 1 PM ET Thursday

here’s discussion:

There are 2 primary components to the extreme accountability:

1) the actual training of what to do to create your $10 – $37 – $97 funnel

and the exact steps

2) this is really two parts: a) me working with you to design or

finetune your own funnel ideas b) the accountability component

So for the initial actual training on how to devise and create the funnel,

I’m doing a live small group training for that, and it looks like about

2/3 of students can do 1 PM ET tomorrow (Thursday) so I’ve scheduled

that first training for then.

Those of you who cannot make that training, will get the actual

training as a recording, then I will hold a second live training that will be

designed to talk with those of you who cannot make the first live training . . .

but want to do that after you’ve had a chance to listen to the recording . .

then once you’ve talked personally with me, either tomorrow at 1 PM ET

or in the second live training, we’ll begin the accountability component with me . .


See you tomorrow!