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    Hello everyone, I’m throwing this idea out and I look forward to your feedback.

    I will like to host an online summit. I have not settled on a title, nor have I conceptualised the project. I will first like to see if there will be any interest in it. I will also be scouting other coaches online to see if they will be interested.

    It will be a summit geared at total success. Like ‘a mission for success summit’. The principal aim will be to empower people for success but through a wholeness approach. So, I will be applying Zig Ziglar’s wheel of life to come up with the categories. The speakers in the summit will fall within these categories. For instance, spiritual coaches, marriage coaches, business coaches, marketing coaches, financial coaches, wellness coaches etc. Coaches from each category will inform me of the biggest need in their area in order to decide on a topic.

    The summit will be in partnership with ANy one can coach so it will be featured.

    Every speaker will be allowed to promote a product or program, which persons who have signed up for the summit, can access by joining that speaker’s list.

    Collectively, we put together bonuses which attendees can only access when the summit starts. The bonuses will be from the different speakers which again all attendees will have to join their list to receive. We will have to create a list of compelling bonuses.

    I will interview each speaker and that interview will run during the period of the summit. Then the final day of the summit, I will have a Q&A with all speakers present (via zoom) and they will answer questions which may have arisen during the summit from attendees.

    Each speaker will promote it to their lists, whatever platform they choose (Twitter, Facebook etc).

    These are just my initial thoughts. Do forgive any incoherence. These are just my initial thoughts. Feel free to offer any suggestions if you’re interested.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    Additionally, please indicate if you will like to collaborate with me in conceptualising this summit.

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    Your idea of a summit sounds interesting.

    I’m not sure where I could help but I would definitely want to attend. If for nothing else the experience.

    Also I’d like to see how we could pull it off. You know, make it happen.

    Let’s get some more feedback on it and see where it goes.

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    Thanks Charles. I believe that it can help build relationships, promote authority and credibbyand generate leads for all involved. I look forward to the feedback.

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    I’m excited about Melissa’s idea . . .

    Charles mentioned he wasn’t sure about how it would help . . so I want to share for everyone how a summit helps . .

    let’s say there are 10 participants . . each invites 100 people

    those 100 people get to know each of the participants . . .

    you gain credibility and exposure of the people who are relationships with the other 9 besides you . . .

    There is a key idea with building an infobusiness or a coaching business – and that is relationships . .

    I don’t talk enough about relationships, because it’s hard to quantify, ok, if I do this, I get x # of leads.

    But frankly, most of what I do that gets me leads comes from relationships, not from just spending $3 for a lead.

    The more relationships you can build, especially when you have a good offer where you are building your list, the more you grow your business.

    My goal is to teach on getting traffic and building relationships, on the next Mastermind Coaching call . .

    so we’ll dig much deeper into this


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      Thank you Sean. The idea sprung from one of your teachings a couple months ago.

      Like most of us on this platform, we struggle with leads. However, I have been doing some deep thinking and I have now come to fully understand that we actually need to focus a lot more on building relationships. A point which you have consistently hammered.

      In light of this, we will pursue this summit and make it a remarkable experience.

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      Thanks for the opportunity!

      Yes, I’d like to participate in a small way.

      I can invite folks who are subscribed on my YouTube channel, make a page that I mention so my Quora followers see it, and include an email invitation to my email list.

      I’d love to attend — and to speak briefly too.


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    That’s a brilliant idea, in my opinion.

    It is a lot of work and time-consuming because of the follow-up required. I did a 12-week series where I interviewed 11 coaches/marketers over 11 weeks and was honestly surprised at how much follow-up and coordination was required.

    That being said, I am interested in being a presenter, and I’d be willing to work with you on putting your summit together.

    I appreciate Sean’s comments. Anytime we can get exposure to a new set of people through collaboration, and it’s in line with our vision, it makes sense to seize the opportunity.

    For example, a couple of months ago I created a Power Networking Package as part of a Giveaway with over 50 other participants/products. Over 100 new people were added to my list in one month. May not seem like a lot, but that was the highest number of signups I’d ever had in one month with no paid ads.

    I also now have a valuable product I can give as a Bonus.

    Please let me know by email when you’d like to to talk.


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      Congratulation Yvonne on your successes! That is great.

      Thanks for offering your collaboration. I will send you an email before the end of the week.

      I believe that the summit is very much in line with our overall vision and will be a stepping stone to be seen as experts. Organization is one of my strongest skills set, so I believe that by combining our strengths, we can put together a life changing experience for attendees.

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    Sounds like fun. I’d be interested in being a presenter for something like this, too. Great idea, with a summit for building significant presence.

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      Thank you Jan. Your intention to be a presenter is noted. We look forward to working with you!

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    Sounds like a great idea Melissa. I would like to know more. Like anything else there is the conception then gestation and the delivery.

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      No problem Patricia. I will provide an update in our private forum after my meeting with Yvonne!

      Thanks for expressing your interest.

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    Great Melissa,

    Look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a time to talk.

    Have an amazing week!

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    Hi Melissa!

    Count me in as well.


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      Thank you Jeeva. Your interest is noted. I will provide you with an update as we proceed.

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    Hi Mel, This sounds AMAZING! I am very interested! It sounds like a wonderful plan. I love it! Let me know how I can help/be involved. I would love to be a presenter as well!

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      Thank you Pam. I will definitely keep you informed. We will need all the help that we can get. I will post an update next week.

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      Sounds good! Thank you!

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    Hi Mel!

    I would love to participate! What are next steps?

    Thanks for the great idea!


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      Thank you Kristin. I will contact you shortly. We can all make this happen.

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    Hi Melissa,

    Count me in. I think it is a wonderful idea!
    I’m thinking I could speak on the “Business / Career” aspect with my “Leadership/Team Building” program.

    Let me know how I can help you proceed.


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      That sounds great Robert. That is definitely the vision of the idea. I will keep you posted.

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    I just want to mention that my heart is warmed by the demonstration of interest. I will be meeting with a few persons next week to commence the initial planning and research stage. I will definitely provide an update here by the end of next week. We can all make this happen and provide an educational, inspiration and professional experience for participants.

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    I’m interested, Melissa, but need to know how to prepare for it.

    I guess you’ll work all that out before the first one. 😉

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      Thank you Bruce for expressing your interest. It is noted. I have begun initial research on how to prepare for it. Don’t worry, you will be given advance notice so you can be well prepared for it.

      I will provide updates as we progress.

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    Keep in mind, think simple when you go to create this . . .

    you don’t need to use complex software, use the simplest software possible

    The biggest key is going to be relationships, building those relationships, and anyone who participates will build trust with you, and you with them!


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      Thank you Sean for the sound advice. I will keep that in mind. I may copy you on emails with regards to the summit. It is only to keep you informed.

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    Hi Melissa,

    I also love your idea of hosting an online summit. I’m available to assist you with anything you may need help with in terms of research and planning. In addition, I would like to be a presenter on some aspect of digital marketing.

    When I was looking into the idea last year, I came across a blog by Bailey Richert. It provides a wealth of information and I’ve included the link below for you to reference.

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    Hi Toya,

    Thanks for expressing your interest. We will need all the help that we can get. Thanks for the article reference. Your interest is noted and I will reach out to you when the moment arises. We will certainly require digital marketing expertise.

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    Let me know. I can present a topic on sales, marketing, SME challenges, or business financial planning. Close to 30 years experience in business and helping entrepreneurs. Must know in advance as I rarely have time to attend Sean’s presentations… ;-)) Ciao Nelson

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    Thank you Ciao Nelson. I am thrilled that you would love to participate. I have taken note. You will be able to make a valuable contribution with your wealth of expertise. You will be notified well in advance.

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    Just want to update everyone that the planning team will be meeting for the first time this week.

    We will keep you posted with our progress.

    Thanks to all who expressed their interest and willingness to assist in anyway. When we do require further assistance, we will certainly source your help and advice.

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    Just want to update everyone that the planning team will be meeting for the first time this week.

    We will keep you posted with our progress.

    Thanks to all who expressed their interest and willingness to assist in anyway. When we do require further assistance, we will certainly source your help and advice.

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    Just want to update everyone that the planning team will be meeting for the first time this week.

    We will keep you posted with our progress.

    Thanks to all who expressed their interest and willingness to assist in anyway. When we do require further assistance, we will certainly source your help and advice.

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    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to provide an update on the summit. I have consulted with Sean and I have gotten great clarity.

    By the end of next week, we should have agreed a date, title and objectives to communicate to you.

    I’m excited that we’re getting the ball rolling.

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      It’s exciting, Melissa. Before the call, I didn’t understand the concept of a summit. Now I’ve got a better feel for it.

      How do we prepare to participate?

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      Thanks for your interest Bruce. I do agree that it’s exciting and it’s a great opportunity for all who participate.

      First of all, I will share the theme of the summit and the date in advance. You will decide on what you will like to speak on that is relevant to the theme, as well as the product/program that you wish to promote.

      I will be able to provide you with even more details soon. Hopefully, sometime next week.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me
      if you have any more questions.

      I also want to mention Bruce, that the theme of the summit would be such that the various coaches can participate.

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      Glad you got Sean’s input and got insight into making this an easier process than understood initially.

      My offer to help still stands.


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      Thank you Yvonne! I always said that I perceived something simple but Sean actually illustrated how we could make that happen.

      I sent you an email in that regard.

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      I’ll need as much notice as you can give. Things like this take me a lot longer than they should the first few times. 😉

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      That is perfectly fine Bruce. I respect that. We will have a date by next week.

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      That is perfectly fine Bruce. I respect that. We will have a date by next week.

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      I agree that yesterday’s call really did simplify and clarify things. Exciting!!! And do let me know how I can help as well as participate…It’s a big job, so let me know what i can do! I have a PhD in “Seek and ye shall find”! 🙂 I’ve gotten good at searching, finding and applying! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      Thank you Pam, your willingness to participate is duly noted. We are in the process of laying it out, so we can have a better picture of all the pieces and determine where further help will be needed.

      We will need all the help that we can get. Certainly, do pray that it will be a success for us all! That will be greatly appreciated.

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    That’s great news, Melissa!

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    Happy to contribute

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    Hi Melissa, First of all thank you for taking this on and offering it! It is/will be an amazing thing! Thank you for this opportunity! I would LOVE to be a speaker and I would also love to partner with you and others, and help you as much as I can! Just give me direction and I will go with it! You are amazing, empowering and inspiring example to leading the charge! Let me know where I can help

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      Pam, that warms my heart indeed. I feel very humbled, because I am just being me. Interestingly, I feel the very same about you. You are a living example of taking massive action and remaining focused on one’s goal. I was greatly inspired by your story. I will certainly let you know where you can help.

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    Hi Melissa, I am overwhelmed by your decision to take this on. Someone has too, and obviously, you’re the best candidate, because you stepped up and took the bull by the horns. I am very willing to assist you in any way as a speaker. I wanted to offer you more help, but my wife, Pam, said I that I shouldn’t, because I am not at all techie. She did tell me that I could offer my services of licking stamps on the envelopes, lol. My wife talked to me about you three weeks ago and said that she was keeping an eye on your performance, because you are phenomenal, I guess she’s right.
    So, thanks for for getting the ball rolling.

    Efren Maldonado

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      That is such a beautiful, heartfelt message.

      Melissa will be sure love it and be honored to receive it.

      I’m not Melissa and I think it’s just beautiful.


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      Hello Efren, thank you for the vote of confidence. I am truly humbled. I am grateful that you’re willing to be a speaker. We will be opening up the speaking slots soon.

      Please do thank your wife for her confidence in me also. I am also watching her, because she has been making massive progress. Just continue to take action. We will all work together and make this summit a success. It is a team effort!

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    Hi Melissa, if I can help in any way, please count me in.


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      Thank you Carol for the kind offer. We will certainly need all the help that we can get. We will provide an update next week. In due course we will be able to delineate the specific areas in which we would require further help.

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    Melissa this is a HUGE undertaking. I have some resources that you might find helpful and would save you reinventing the wheel.

    I’m interested in participating and willing to help out.

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    Hi Melissa,

    Sorry, I’ve been “off the net” for the past week.
    But I am interested. Let me know “if/how” I can help.

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