Are You Struggling With Your Incentive Offer?

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    On one of Sean’s calls I mentioned the Beacon software ( to easily create lead magnets for your site.
    A number of people were quite interested in learning more about Beacon, so I have created a few tutorial videos and put them on Youtube.

    I decided to also post the videos here as well:

    1. Introduction to Beacon and its features:

    2. Editing Your Beacon Lead Magnet:

    3. Publish Your Beacon Lead Magnet:

    Hope you find it helpful. I personally love Beacon and they are coming out with more features all the time.

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    For any of you who aren’t comfortable with code (like me): I fiddled for the past half hour to try to get these videos to show up instead of the link code for them.

    No matter what I did: embed code, shortlink, clickable link, whatever – nothing worked.

    Then I Googled and found out that the link had to be on it’s own line rather than with the descriptive title as I had at first.
    As soon as I did that, it worked.

    Where technology is concerned, sometimes it’s a little step that gets missed, and it happens to all of us.


    Helping you share your story through technology.

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      I tried to put anchor text code in here as an example, but it wouldn’t display properly, and as there’s no way to delete a comment once you’ve made it, I’ve had to write this long-winded explanation instead. 😉

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