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    Ever feel challenged by the need to get good at stuff you don’t yet know how to do?

    That’s part of what I’m pushing through.

    I’m making real progress at it.

    To some extent, I’ve poked through.

    Emerging to restart the same stuff at the next level now.

    Because I’m pouring all I’ve learned into a new class.

    Yes, a new higher level coaching program.

    I just wrote a post about the process I’m sputtering around with, for building your online business.

    Partly to be helpful.

    I must confess . . . partly because I’m sheepishly aware that I’ve not been keeping up with my blog as I grab for this next ring that’s on all of our roads to building your online business!

    Today I rectified that . . . by writing this post:

    Building Your Online Business While Taking Care of Yourself

    I invite you to click through . . . perhaps you’ll walk away believing in yourself a bit more.

    Seeing that you, too, can do it!


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    This is an interesting blog post. You describe how you are coping with your many challenges while recovering from injuries and surgeries. I wonder how many other people are experiencing the same challenges as you?

    It is obvious that you are masterful at perseverance and you encourage others to persevere as well. What a great coach you ARE! I encourage you to keep going! The world needs you.


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    I agree with Beverly. The world needs you so keep going.

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