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    I’d like to try another take at having YOU (Inner Circle clients) teaching the content on the weekly coaching call.
    We tried this earlier in the year, and had various complaints that it wasn’t “me” teaching . . .
    but I’m close to just letting that go . . if someone isn’t willing to learn from YOU (if you are a bona-fide expert)
    but they aren’t taking action on what I’m teaching them . . . then maybe the problem isn’t you and me, it’s in them 🙂

    So . . . if and only if you have worked hard this year to become an EXPERT in your topic, if you weren’t already
    so in short: if you are very good and what you do and teach
    would you like to become a one-time or regular/long term coach/teacher on my weekly coaching call, let’s have some discussion here.


    This goes back to my vision of Anyone Can Coach being a collection of experts – aka – YOU

    but to make it happen YOU have to help me make it happen . .

    I can’t do it on my own, and it’s easier for me to just turn on zoom and go live than take 3 hours to arrange one expert . . .

    But in my dream world YOU would do the calls, YOU would make this one part of YOUR Expert strategy, along with podcasts, summits, giveaways, and guest interviews –

    Anyhow – if you are an Expert and want one more platform to teach from, and you are committed to strong teaching (and if you don’t know how are teachable to learn how to teach strong)

    let me know below!


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    I’m game for this, depending on when you do it. I’m too busy to add anything else for the next couple of weeks.

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    Hi Sean! My expertise is on two fronts:
    1. Marriage Mentorship–my wife and I mentor married couples from breakdown to breakthrough in 10 weeks or less. Guaranteed.
    2. Spirit-Led Success–mentoring entrepreneurial believers to achieve lasting success in their enterprises and personal lives.

    Both are Christian faith-based.

    I would appreciate an opportunity to share, should you decide that it would be a blessing to others who connect with you.


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