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    We’re here because we are business minded.

    Gaining knowledge! Improving ourselves. Folks who succeed do read for self improvement.

    And folks with business interests are more likely to create wealth for themselves and for others.

    If that fits you . . . here’s the thing, I just posted in detail to help you live the life of your dreams.

    Here’s the link:

    [url=]confidence and success[/url]

    Please do click through – you’ll be glad you do!

    I believe what I wrote will change your life in a small way today.

    In a way that matters.

    Helping you gently walk the path to your own confidence and success in a way that fits you.

    To your BEST self –

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    Hi Cynthia,
    Loved your post.
    To loosely paraphrase the Apostle Paul,
    Without love, I am bankrupt.

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    Dare to love. Simply but powerful message. So many people feel afraid to genuinely love.

    Thanks again for a great message, Cynthia.


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      You’re right.

      Many people fear putting themselves out there.

      Yet love is a verb.



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    So, are you saying that people who stay stuck in (verb) fear are experiencing a kind of verb(al) abuse? LOL


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